I opened my email account over at yahoo today.  There were nearly four hundred messages stored in my inbox waiting to be read.  Of course not all of those trash I get to read.  Today, there is one email that caught my attention.  It came from a yahoo group where members are my high school batchmates.  The subject of the mail was quite intruiging and even the thread after that is even more intriguing.

I opened one of the thread and it contained consoling messages to a batchmate of ours in high school.  Some of my batchmates were consoling a batchmate telling him:

     a.   count your blessings

     b.  God will not give problems which we cannot carry

     c.  I am with you no matter what happens.

     d.  shit happens.

   My interest was really ignited since there was no mention in the thread of what had happened with the guy.  Even more interesting was the guy they are consoling was our class valedictorian during elementary and a class bully. (I was a victim of his bullyness.)  My curiousity did not leave me hanging.  This is the beauty of internet, one can easily check. 

  So, I opened another browser, and in the search line I typed the name of the bully.  There were 3,000 results.  I was not disappointed.  The first relevant index provided me eventually with the story.  Apparently, he was in the news lately in our city. I read the news items concernng the class valedictorian and I am now aware of the reasons why my batchmates are consoling him.

  I thought that a strange incident or misfortune happened to him,  But, it wasn’t.  He was implicated in a bribery scandal in a lawsuit that involved drugs and their lords.  As I was reading the news item, I feel no consolation but pity.  I pity him because issues are unfounded otherwise proven correct.  Meantime, one has to suffer the indulgence of people discussing your affairs related or not related to your misfortunes.  I felt no consolation, because I believed one is deserving of misfortunes that we go through because we are just not very careful in our dealings.  Believe me, I went the same way.


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