It has been three years, one month, and 24 days since day one of my employment.  My first week then, was already a mess.  I have no inkling of whatsoever that the mess would be an omen of things to come.  The first week saw me working with my own money to spend for my professional activities.  The promise of working allowance came in three days after day one of work.  I did not budge nor complain.  Life is hard, so is  work, so are the opportunities.  I was lucky to grab this one and jump start again my career in sales.

   Fifteen days after, my first horror experience blew me out of my sanity.  To my dismay, I discovered that my ATM account is still empty.  For four days I checked and checked until I read ” Account Balance xxxxxxxx”  God, I was not happy.  I was down to my last hundred bill and an appliance network is due to open its new branch.  I need to attend that. 

  From then on, money matters are usually, delayed and delayed, and not updated.  Still, I did not budge nor complain.  I may have shared my stories with my friends the embarrassing and humiliating experiences I dealt with because of these money matters.  My experiences ranged from not able to buy a bar of soap because your ATM is empty.  Skipping heavy meals in favor of bread because it cost less, this is because I have to scrimp money on hand to tide me over until the next positive ATM balance.  How hurting some of these experience, because you could not spare even one peso for your nephews and nieces because your saving your coins in order that you have money to spare in case when the delay is extended to God knows until when.

  As of date, I still did not budge nor complain.  My system has been accustomed to to this madness.  The delays have been longer, until you start to ask what is there to work when money is scarce.  What is there to enjoy, when money for my self is spent for the professional self.  What is work you are talking, when there is no money to support your work. What is there to budge and complain, when you are not given the opportunity to do so.  What is there to talk, when one refuses to deal.  What is there to understand, when we are left to our own devices.

  Dear God, I am good, I am kind, and I am patient.  But why do these bad things are happening to me.


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