Be A Disc Jockey……………

   To Hold A Concert………………….

   To Produce An Oscar Winning Film………………….

   To Live A Sweet Life…………………………………….

   Those statements might be construed as an objectives or ambitions.  Those are not, those are some of the things I wanted to fulfill.  There are lots of them.  If I am to describe the things I wanted to do, I believe I only realized 10% of them.  Unfortunately, the above statements are still to be realized.

   Yes, I did splurge my hard earned money on records, cds, cassette tapes and audio components.  They are some of the things I wanted to buy when I was younger.  Sadly, may parents economic power could not accommodate those items.  Thus, i have to satisfy my indulgence in sounds and music by borrowing those items from my friends, neighbors, and relatives.

  Yes, I have dine in a fancy restaurant.  I have drown myself in different flavors of alcohol in fancy bars to boot.  I have always imagine myself in fancy restaurants and fancy bars.  I don’t live in imagination.  Thus, I did spend a big portion of my hard earned money living my imagination.

  Yes, I stacked my room with magazines from GQ to Penthouse, from National Geographics to National Enquirer.  I stacked my bookshelves with books from Dailey to Daly, from Harrold Robbins to Jerome Robbins.  I love to read until now.  Back when I was younger, a trip to Alemars Bookstore made my day.  I browsed their shelves, peeking on latest paperbacks.  I could not buy one, my allowance was limited to jeepney fare only.

  Yes, I am still a junior manager.  I was not able to realize my dream of becoming an executive before reaching the age of 40.  There were bad decisions, painful decisions, and dumb decisions.  There bad behaviors, bad actions, and bad notions. 

  Yes, I am able to manage right now my deprivations.  A lot of opportunities were wasted, ending up myself frustrated.  A lot of dreams are still to be realized.  Time goes by so slowy for those who wait, as Madonna sang in one of her hit songs.  On the other hand, patience is a virtue for those who have something to wait.  Even though age is fast catching me up, I still want to pursue the 90% of these unrealized dreams.  I will take it one day at a time.


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