Memo For MySelf

For : Myself


From : Myself


Date : Date of Reckoning


Re : Myself




This is to
inform Myself that following were observed these past few months:

 1. Gallivanting –  no direction or whatsoever.

 2. Negligence – failed to attend to important matters

3. Ignorance  – acting as if solutions are nowhere to be found

4. Indulgence  – always have time to trivial matters but
none for more important matters

5. Indifference – lacks order of priorities

6. Untidiness  – inherent desire for anything messy.

7. Remorse  –   full of hate and anger

8. Childish   –  refuse to see  real perspective in an adult and mature ways


May I remind Myself, that the above mention behaviors are not typical of Myself. In this case, may I suggest certain adjustments in order to preserve the positive, dynamic, and proactive Myself.


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