No Ordinary Day

The wind was very cold when I woke up that morning.  It sent me shiver inside my skin, my nape felt numb  when the caressess of the wind touches it.  I stretched out my arms fully before I opened my eyes.  Then, my fingers travelled to my thighs and rubbed them.  Such movement created a sensation that enabled  me to be fully awaked.

  I wandered my eyes to the vast area of my bedroom, which is actually the attic portion of my parent’s house.  The arrangement was still the same.  The bed was in the center of the bedroom, several books were layed on the floor, there were magazines too.  A pair of soiled pants hanged on the backrest of my executive chair.  An ashtray full of ashes, candy wrappers, earbuds, crumpled papers.  One will wonder how do those things were able to cramped in such a small space.

  I raised up my leg as a signal that I would rise up and got out of my bed.  I crossed the room leading to my working table.  I look for the calendar and took note of the day.  Nary a smile wore on my face, but I could feel my brows were twitching and a smirked on my lips was formed.  The pair of numbers I saw on the calendar reminded me that day was no extraordinary.  Though my actions that morning were the same like ordinary days.  I picked up the table calendar and stared it too long.  Just staring, no thoughts, no feelings, no nothing. 

  I put backed the calendar to where I claimed it.  I started to move behind the table and climbed down the stairs.  Ready to eat breakfast from there normal day is about to start.  But then, that day is no ordinary day.  Starting that day, April 16, a Monday at that starts my travel to the realm of LIFE BEGINS AT FORTY.


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