Sometimes, when I prayed I asked for signs.  I asked signs that will guide me, help me, and unload me of the many burdens I am carrying.  I asked for signs that may lead me to correct and perfect decisions that will change my life.  I asked for signs, so it will be easy for me to pick among alternatives and choices affecting my life.

   Oftentimes, I  detected these signs, on several occassion I chose to ignore them.  When compounded with difficult choices, I search for signs.  Oftentimes, the signs I noticed were the ones I did not expect.   

  It has become this way, looking for signs, searching for signs, and asking for signs.  Right now, I received another sign and this time it has helped me decide to change the course of my life.  Lucky for me, I believe in signs that makes the difference in helping me cope with daily decisions.



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