I do believe in God.  I really do .  This belief, however was not profound when I was still young.  When I was a kid, I attended Sunday school regularly held four houses away from where we lived.  I was religiously present, because I looked forward to it during the week.  I was excited to attend those sessions, because it allowed me to show to my playmates that I did have a connection with God.  I was connected with God because I memorized Bible verses and recited it during Sunday school.  It was so easy for me to recite “For God So Love The World That He Gave His Only Son etc.” I sang songs of devotion with innocence and gladness. Oh! how  joyful it was singing ” I Got Joy, Joy In My Heart.  Deep Deep Down In My Heart.” In return for my constant and eagerness and participation, I frequently received rewards from my Sunday school teacher.


       That was when I was still short in height and in years to be a teen.

       When I was in high school, it was a different picture.  Our school offered religion classess once a week.  It was optional for the student to attend or not.  Religion classess in our school did not make a bearing on academic standings. 

      Once I learned that it was not mandatory to attend religion classess gave me a sigh of relief.  I was glad that I had additional hours of free time.  These free time gave me extra time to wander around school and meet new friends or explored the library to read and be transported to another environment.

        My friends found my attitude towards religion class as eclectic.  If they saw me at church during Sundays, it was big news for them.  That is equivalent to one book of humor at 190 pages, consisted of teases, swear words, and other forbidden words just because they saw me attending religious service.

        Until I graduated from college,  religion has taken a back seat in my life.  I went to church because I had to.  I had to because a person close to me is finally bethroted, or I had to because it was a memorial service of a relative, or I had to because I stood up as one of baptismal sponsors.  Oftentimes, I found myself inside the church but just to kneel and pray , not long enough to finish the mass or till my knee hurts.

        I went on living my life forgetting to thank for all the blessings I receive.  I went on living my life not wondering where did I get courage to surmount all problems.  I went on living my life unmindful to return the favors God has bestowed on me.  I went on living my life with no sipirtual gains.  Until…………


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