The Woman That She Is

The Woman That She Is

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

The Woman That She Is (Poem for Lei)
     Alden I. Bula

Standing looking pensive, she’s not defensive.
She knows she is confuse, but it is not obvious.
Her mind wandering, her soul is aching.
Her eyes scanning, to the fortitude staring.
Asking will the walls can give the solitude needed.

She might not be running, but she is eluding.
Objects of desire, that may bring hurting pearls.
Emotional disguise, pretending they are not near.
Kindred spirits that may unfurl the fear.
Elements of desire, may not ignite the fire.

She constantly aims for the warm embrace.
But often, she checks whether she is in haste.
Doesn’t want to tread, the same innocent mistake
But always willing to give and to take.
The woman that she is yours to partake.


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