O Pare Ko Meron Akong Problema

       Strutting along the tarred road and going to fullfill one of my guilty pleasures, betting my luck on lotto.  I stopped in front of the highway as the road jammed with cars due to heavy traffic as always.  I waited for the jam to clear.  I searched the whole vista transferring my gazes from left to right and front and back.   

  As I looked behind my back, a casket showcase captured my senses and memories started to flow.  I remembered that the casket store used to be a beerhouse owned by a resident in GSIS.  In its shortlived existence, I managed to come by that place only in three occassions.  One of those is one of the most striking events in my life.

  It started with a friend who called me at home and asking if I want to go on a drinking spree with him.  It was only the two of us since we were both technology idiots then.  The means of communicating other friends did not have many options like today.  He fetched me at home and decided that we drink just around the corner. 

 The place was not seedy but not classy.  However, once you came in, you felt like you never left home.  You would see neighbors, batchmates, new friends, lost friends as people that you met there.  He ordered four bottles of small pilsens, and my mind wandered it seemed to me that i will be lending my ear for lots of time.  Our conversation started with what happened and where are they.  Until it came to him dominating the talk as he was carrying lots of burden, heavy emotions, fortunately I did not have to offer my broad shoulders for comfort.  More beers were ordered I believed as the clock struck cinderella we emptied nearly 18 bottles.

  Our topic shifted to what we were once in high school.  And I dominated the conversation this time.  i told him how important they were (and they are still) in my life.  Without them as friends, I guess I would not be as normal as I am today.  That triggered his curiousity.

   Alden:  I studied hard, worked hard so I will not end up as a contestant in a gay pageant.  I don’t want to tease hair, I don’t want to cut nails.

  Bay:   Hahahahahahahahhaha.

 Alden:  Ayaw katawa, mahimuot bitaw ko ato kabuang sa high school

  Bay:  Bitaw No

  Alden:  And I hope until karon di mag bag-o treatment ninyo sa ako

 Bay:  Galawgatiks bay unsa man problema diay

  Alden:  Well after all those years I realized that what made my career stagnant is pretending ra kaayo ko.  I thought I could hold on di gyud di ay ka hold on mapugngan ra but mu tokar gyud hahahahaha.  I know high school ta kabalo ko naa mo diay who really I was

 Bay:  Bitaw den, mao gani nga gi godfather ka ni rey hahahahahah kay basi matuis gyud ka ug tarong.  All the years we thought naa success pero di na mi matingala if eventually di gyud diay matuis. Hehehehehehe.  Lets drink to that,

Alden:  Ok ( and that was the coolest reaction I got)

  Honk! Prrt!  Traffic was cleared its time to cross the street and bet my luck.


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