My High School Years

  Pushing my way in the sea of prepubescent beings like me,  it was very difficult to find my name on the list pasted on countless blackboards standing in front of the school marker.  It took a lot of pushing and shoving until I finally saw my name in a nearly tattered onion skin paper.  As soon as I read the details typed beside my name, I inched my way out in the throng of little human beings and found my way in different corners of the campus to process my enrollment.  And each corners long lines were the norm of day, students from different schools, from different society levels, of different race, creed, and religion eagerly waiting for their turns.  It took me the whole day to finish my enrollment and got hold of the papers formalizing my high school years.  That was my first day of my high school years.

  After the enrollment, I could not remember exactly what happened during my four years in high shool.  But I do have plenty of recollections, in my entire stay at the campus.  My first year in high school was quite turbulent in my part.  I had to adjust to different students like me which happened to have various degrees of personal variance.  Our section was unique in a way that we are the loudest among the freshman.  Teachers from the adjacent classrooms always took a peek at our classroom and made silence language at most discussed the issue with our teachers.  Locked inside in our sections are two of the most warrior type freshmen in the batch, always at odds with each other. There were also set of lovestruck pre-teens, the genius types, the wild types, the quiet ones, the bully ones, name it we have them then.  Inspite of the varying degrees of characters, our section was one solid environment not only for academic learning but for emotional and social learning as well.

  My sophomore year were characterized by a more intellectual environment.  I remembered that my classmates then, usually spent their time reading textbooks preparing for any surprise quizzes and long exams.  The only sophomere moment that withstood the test of time in my memory bank is how my sophies friends walked from Davao City High School to Jerome Agdao because we had no class and decided to spent with a birthday boy classmate.  Other than that, nothing comes close.  It was a very competitive section, always striving to stay on top.  My classmates would eagerly await the top ten lists provided by our homeroom teacher after every grading exam.  But, I did remember that our class adviser was a family friend.

  Boyish, slender, bespectacled, curly hair, and funny.  That is how I described my class adviser and my chemistry teacher in my junior year.  This time the section I belong to was not academically superior but we are the most sociable among the batch.  Our section was characterized by parties, acquiantance party, christmas party, closing party, in between those formal parties, we have house party and beach party.  Individually, each of us were dominant in terms of character, but we were cohesive as a class.  I remembered how individuals interacted with each other and the interaction led to the creation of different cliques.  It was in my junior year that I totaly understand the concept of barkada.  My barkada introduced me to various activities that a junior teen does.  The bondings, the stories, the gatherings, the adventures, and the activities molded me to prepare for my senior year. Among the activities that my barkada frequently does was every wednesday afternoon we strutted from the school to San Pedro church to attend mass.  Afterwhich, we collect whatever 25 cents coin we have in our pocket and proceeded to San Pedro Restaurant and we ordered one good for 12 person serving of their special lomi.  My junior year was only a prelude of many wonderful things to come leading to my senior year.

  As a senior, how i hated my haircut.  At that time, I felt that I was violated whenever I had it.  As a senior, how I dreaded Wednesdays and Saturdays, I felt that I was really under military training then.  As a senior, how I laughed and giggled everytime I saw our fat principal.  As a senior, I detested the days when I was assigned as campus guard. 

  But not all days in my senior days are ful of resentment as I recalled.  There were plenty of moments of friendliness, of kindness, and of loveliness.  Friendship was manifested by being I as the supposed gang leader.  I could not helped but laughed everytime I see symbols reminiscing me as such.  Friendship is hopping from one group to another, i felt like a prostitute jumping from one customer to another.  Friendship was the initiation, I experienced with my gang mates, how my botttom saw red that time.  Kindness were written all over our faces when four of our classmates was transferred to another section due to over population and we lent our emotional support to overcome any untoward emotions emanating from that transfer.  Kindness was lending our textbook to our gone today here tomorrow classmates.  Kindness was sharing our most intimate stories, most intimate attitudes, and most intimate affections.  Kindness was helping each other during exams and quizzes by literally throwing exam papers.  Kindness was biting our lips everytime our Ilongga teacher opened her mouth, trying to understand what she really meant saying.  We were in our loveliness moments when we saw our crushes passing by, when we had our lovers, when we started courting girls, when we learnt that somebody adored us then.  We were in our loveliness moments when we helped our friends court the person he adored, or when we teased the girls when handsome boy passed in front of them.  Or when we scolded our friends of the choices they made in having a puppy love.

  From pushing to shoving, my high school years evolve into walking from one building to another.  From building friendships with everybody, my high school years evolved into nurturing friendships throughout the years.  From learning many subjects, my high school years turned me into knowledge builder, or into wisdom keeper.  Friendliness, kindness, and loveliness; I still have it, they still have and the world can have it.


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