Moving On Up and Moving Away

The process of liberating oneself from any bondage is a painful rite for everyone.  To liberate is to free from any ties that bind you to a disadvantage.  History is filled with stories of liberation such as Jesus Christ liberated humanity by dying on the cross, America liberated the world from a great war by dropping the most powerful bomb at that time. Filipinos were liberated from a dictatorship with the sacrifice of Ninoy.  We can deduced from history that liberation is not free.  We have to pay for it.

In the matter of self liberation, we all know that the process is too long for us to recognize and feel that we are indeed liberated.  The acknowledgement that we need to be liberated is often disastrous and perilous.  More often, we do not recognize the need for liberation.  We are binded by principles and laws not by our doing but instilled by others.  We are tied to the experiences of satisfaction and dissatisfaction derived from any bondage.  We are mesmerized by hope of someone will help us liberate ourselves. But, the truth is there is no one, not even a shadow.

Self liberation is a recognition that things will have to change.  That, we have to do something about these ties that put us in a bad light, in a disastrous and perilous situation, and at a disadvantage.  The longer we prolong the liberation, the longer we suffer these untoward experiences.  The more insecure we are the more we put on hold the idea of liberating ourselves.  The more we desire not to liberate ourselves, when we extend our patience to these ties that bond us at a disadvantage.  The more we are ripped of our humanity, the more we expose ourselves to the purveyors of bondage. If we do not act immediately, the more we cannot liberate ourselves, by the time we recognize such liberation we are too fearful to act, by then we have become slaves of our own fear.


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