Dead Icons

Horrified was the first reaction I had when I read at Yahoo that Michael Jackson is dead.  Immediately I clicked on the link that would lead to the webpage that has the full story on this.  While waiting for the browser to change page, my thoughts ran wild.  I was thinking had the King of Pop ran out of ideas to be relevant that even death is used a publicity stunt?.

micheal j from rollingstone
Image from Rolling Stone

Finally, in front of me is the article am dying to read.  I read it slowly word for word trying to discover punch lines that will confirm my hunches.  As I went through the article, my emotion changed to sadness as the article really stated that the Gloved One is dead.  DEAD.  I have yet to recover my sadness when my sight took notice of fine prints just below the article I was reading.  There it was, Angel Farrah dead at 62.  My stomach rumbled.  Again I clicked on the link that will lead me to the article.  Images of Farrah Fawcett ran through my mind while waiting for the browser to change page.  As I finished reading, I sighed deeply and think of what has the two icons contributed in my life.

Image from

My most important recollection of Michael Jackson was when he went to the Philippines and met Miss Nora Aunor, the superstar of Philippine Entertainment industry.  As I recalled, tongues were wagging at the prospect of the two appearing in a movie together.  He even guested in the latter’s variety show.  I only recalled them singing together but I don’t remember the two had a conversation during his guesting stint at Superstar Show.  I believed that whatever plans the two appearing together in a movie never prospered because he is black.  Fans of Nora Aunor wanted the superstar to be with more fairer lead actor than Michael.  And nobody would ever thought that he will be ten times bigger than what he was then.

Farrah Fawcett would remind of the biggest insecurities I had during my younger days.  I only wanted that poster.  The one where she wore a red swimsuit with a Indian like background and smiling with pearly white teeth, and those ruffled hair.  I never owned that poster even until I can afford to buy one.   My younger days were like that, owning something which I couldn’t have.  I didn’t have the money to buy.  And if ever I had the posterm,  still I had the problem of where to post it.  I didn’t have a room of my own then.

To Farrah and Michael, thank you.


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