Mindanao Diaries (Part 3)

Driving your way in Mindanao is not always fun.  Though, there are lots of panoramic scenes to view, majestic landscapes, windy beaches among others.  It is betrayed with the drivers that you meet along the way.  I have come to a conclusion that Mindanao is a melting pot of all bad drivers.  The most rude, the most undisciplined, and the most ignorant drivers are all found in Mindanao.

The three traits I mentioned is not independent from each other.  The three are commonly found in most drivers in Mindanao.  When one is ignorant, he is rude and undisciplined.  Where else can you find drivers who overtake in a blind curve and have the temerity to scold you when he find himself in a near accident situation.  Yes, this is common when you travel to CDO traversing the Buda Road.  There were plenty of instances where I encountered this type of driver.  The sad part is that most of these drivers are driving private cars.  I presumed that private owners are more intelligent, more courteous, and more disciplined that those driving a utility vehicle.  Apparently, I was wrong.

Wherecan you find drivers who turn off their lights at night while driving and turn it on instantly when you can nearly hit them while you overtake a slowmoving vehicle?  I have not traveled to Dipolog during night time since 2006.  I was really mad as hell the first time I encountered this motorcycle drivers you encounter while going to Dipolog City.  I nearly hit three of these because I did not see them farther from me while I was overtaking a ten wheeler truck.  Lucky for me when I slammed on my brakes when I saw the motorcycle lights turned on instantly, there was no car behind me.  The funny thing about these drivers is during day time, the lights are on.  Are they kidding me?

Where else can you find a driver who thought that he is the king of the road?  In Surigao City, the tricycle drivers rule the road.  They feel that they are driving the most beautiful vehicle, the biggest vehicle, and the grandest of all vehicle.  It is only a tricycle.  Yet, they manuever their rides unmindful of the narrowest roads, thinking that they are the only ones who are driving in the city, pretending that there are no people crossing the streets.  Yes, while in Surigao, avoid the tricycle drivers, they don’t care less.  Even private vehicles avoid them.  The trick here is an ounce of prevention, when you are hit by them lucky for you if you get paid for the damages. 

Where else can you find drivers who do not know how to read traffic signs?  Try Cagayan de Oro City.  One wonders if the traffic signs are there for the benefit of the motorists and pedestrians?  Or is it just another money making scheme of some persons concerned.  Almost, anywhere in CDO you see vehicles parked in a no parking area.  Drivers violating traffic signs even if a traffic officer is in sight to apprehend them. 

When these types of drivers rule the road, no wonder accidents do happen every day by the hour.


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