A Man’s Promise

It is said that a man’s promise is worth remembering because he does not make it often and casually.  So,when a man makes a promise he will fulfill it.  This attitude maybe stems from the fact that man is really non-committal.  He does not want to engage in something that he does not want to fulfill or he does not have the courage to attend and fullfill it.  Thus, when he makes a promis better prepare for a showdown.

Even then, there are plenty of men who make promises but did not fulfill it.  Many female hopes and dreams were shattered believing his promises.  Plenty of lives were destroyed because of his promises.  And one wonders why is this so.

I believe the reason is that men, generally makes promises that are difficult to fulfill in the first place.  Take for example, during courtship man promise to fully gives his heart to the one he loves.  Yet, he easily avails himself to distractions and temptations.  He promise the moon and the stars, yet he cannot give his heart wholeheartedly.  He promise undivided attention, yet he does not want to be distracted from his routine.

Think of the politicos promise of better living condition for his constituents, yet they robbed them of their dignity.  Think of the vows they made, but they do not remain monogamous.  Think of of the promise of a better life, yet you see sadness in the eyes of their love ones.  Think of the promise of being there, yet some lives are still alone and lonely. 

Now do men really makes promises or are they just making action plans which will either be not implemented or defferred or are they just making predictions.  It doesn’t make sense why make promises when it cannot be fulfilled.  Why not act instead of promising?


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