Sleepless in Davao City With Ricky (by Bobo Ang)

Babala:  Kathang isip lang po ito at hindi ito halaw sa tunay na pangyayari.  Ano man ang pagkakahalintulad sa totoong buhay ay pawang produkto lamang ng malikot na imahinasyon ng may akda.  Hindi po sinasadya.  PEACE MAN.
Heavy rain was pouring outside as I stood by the window.  I was alone and tried so hard to sleep but I could not.  I browse over my bookshelves and looked for something very interesting to read but none captured my interest, no matter how beautiful the covers of the book.

   “Boss may nag text sa iyo sagutin mo naman kanina pa ako sigaw ng sigaw dito pagod na ako. Boss may nag text sa iyo sagutin mo naman kanina pa ako sigaw ng sigaw dito pagod na ako” I was astounded by this voice.  It was my cellphone alarming me to check my inbox.  I grapled and and saw the name of the sender.  It was Ricky.  I wonder what is it this time.  It is nearly midnight.  I released a deep sigh and read the message.

   As soon as I finished reading the message, I grabbed my car key and drove to meet Ricky.  The heavy rain had already stopped when I arrived at the meeting place.  I went straight to the usual table we occupied and found he was already there.  Judging from the  empty cans of beer, I knew it easily that this meeting would take longer.  I grabbed a chair in front of him and took one unopend beer in can and lifted the lid and slid down one half of its content in my throat down to my belly. 

  “What’s up, insomia again?” I asked him.
  “The usual mind is wandering depriving me of the needed rest.” he replied.
  “Duh and what do you want me to do?” play governess again and assist you consuming all the beer in the world.
  “I am sorry.”
   “If  sorry is enough then why do we need laws and why do we need the police.”
   “Bobo Ang quotation again.”
   “Yep lifted from a Korean novela To Marry A Millionaire. “
   “Hehehehe you know what is my problem really?”
   “Mind telling me?”
   “Need to down more beers but it seems liquour ban is in effect, know where to find more?”
   “You really know to whom to solicit resolution in this kind of situation.”
   “I know no one else can.”
   “Okay, I will give you this as your guide.”  I handed him a piece of paper for him to read.  It goes like this;

   Where To Buy Beer When It’s Two A.M. in Davao City.
   1.  My frequent drinking spree with the boys, allowed me to discover that there are plenty of sari sari stores in Matina that still sell alcohol and beer beyond curfew hours. Go there.
   2.  Because of my exposure in bar hopping, I knew plenty of waiters, waittresses, baristas, etc.  Thus, learn to appreciate their existence of these people.  You will never know how they can help when you want to be drunk.
   3.  Be friendly with your neighborhood stores.  You can knock and ask for beer in a very unholy hour and they still can afford to give you more than your dosage of beer.
  4.  Develop the habit of finding something or looking into something which is very obvious but people will not look into it.  Try the stores near funeral parlor, they can served you until your last breath.  Angel Funeral Parlor is one good place.  Hahahahahahaha.
  5.  Always develop a habit of the sultan.  Always with an alipin by his side.  Make him run to find beers.  Chances are he has plenty in his domain.  He doesn’t want to run so stock and lock is his dogma.
  6. Go find a girl bring her to Queensland, Quality Inn, Annex, or any fancy hotel you like.  They have beer for you to indulge.  And, maybe you can ask the girl to sit on the bottle.  Hehehehehehehehhehe e.
   I did not waitfor him to finish what he was reading.  I begged to go home pleading work for tomorrow.  He agreed and I left.  The truth is I still wanted to drink with him.  But, I was afraid, knowing how the mind of engineers worked.  He will follow instructions down to the last detail.  I could not bear in my mind what is contained in number six.  By the time, we surveyed numbers one to five, I do not know whether he would get a girl or will I be mistaken for a girl

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