The Second Working Day Of The Year

My first working day ended me up hooked with the net.  I surfed the net to my heart’s content.  I did not even bother to think of the workload ahead of me.  I am totally disappointed.  My disappointment reached further heights when I chatted with some of my former colleagues.  Asking me how am I doing.  But of course I wouldn’t hesitate to give a definite answer.  I would not let them know that everything is not coming up roses.

Today, is the second working day of the year.  I have decided to go to work.  Had not my promo merchandiser texted me asking for an excuse letter so that he can be back for work.  I doubt if I have the reason to go to work.

It is nearly  eight o clock in the morning.  Time to go and dress up.  Later or tomorrow I shall continue chronicling the events as it unfold everyday.


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