Images flashed on the screen on our television sets are very powerful. Once it is flashed, it could not be recovered.  It has already penetrated to the deep end of our consciousness.  Thus, many celebreties are very careful on the way they presented themselves on televisions.  Obssessive scrutiny are done, countless reviews are observed before final images are splattered on the TV screen.

With the political season fast unfolding everday, television is one of the most abused medium used by political candidates.  Not only for its powerful images but it is really a powerful medium.  It reaches across different ages and ranges.  One candidate who recognized the power of television is Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino.

You can see his images clad in yellow shirt.  Both hands clasped while performing his spiel.  From time to time, you see him smirking, arching his eyebrows, and moving and leaning his head forward towards the screen.  For normal viewers, what they saw  seemed alright.  But for those exposed in the rigors of communication, the images are open for discussion.  For the simple man, it was just a simple political advertisment, but for the communicators the images hide something for them to discern.

To some Filipinos, they do not only see “Noynoy” in his ads, but they saw Kris Aquino lurking behind his back.  The body movement, the hand signal, the facial expressions, and the language and tone used are clearly Kris Aquino imitated not personified.  It seemed that his public relations team intentionally did this.  Maybe to create a more congenial rather than a rigid “Noynoy”, in order to be appreciated by more voters.   They thought the strategy would work wonders for him.  For an avid Kris Aquino fans, this is a harmless strategy.  But for those who love to hate Kris Aquino, this is a window for negative harnessing.

First, the images presented Noynoy in a feminine persona because of the Kris Aquino body movement and hand signal.  This may intensify further the notion that he is a wimp.  Second, the language and tone used seemed to be not masculine enough, thus creating further insinuations with regard to his masculinity.  Third, the ad screams Kris! Kris! and more Kris! you cannot help but see the ghost of Kris lurking behind him.  Thus, inviting more believers that it is Kris who will eventually run the country not Noynoy should he win the election.

The TV ad of Noynoy clearly needs to be reshoot to erase and hide the Kris Aquino ghost lurking behind him.  The ad may cause his presidency, should the average viewer will finally notice that there is a difference between the images presented on the screen to what the advertisment actually conveys.

As the political season approaches its climax, more and more people will see this difference.  This will be aided further with his opponents highlighting the difference.  And, this is a disaster.   Clearly, television is powerful.


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