PBB and the May Elections

The latest edition of the Pinoy Big Brother has reached its climax.  The winner has been chosen throught text voting.  At last, plain Jane won.  She won over the more beautiful, more charismatic, and more credible housemates.  The voters were won over by her hilarious antics, by her seemingly natural, by her association with Jason and blah blah blah. As expected the results were met with disbelief for some, others howled with protest, while some jubilated.

In many manner the results were greeted, one must take into consideration that the winner were chosen through text votes.  This means that it is a popular vote.   This is no different with the forthcoming election where the one who gets the most number of votes will be the winner.  The winner were chosen by the people.  And this is where the comparison should be taken seriously.

The PBB brouahaha is an indicative of things to come in the forthcoming elections.  The people will choose, and they will chose according to the standard that they choose Melay as the ultimate housemate.  Through their antics, stunts, and images, people will rely on this to choose their leader.  They will ignore credible, capable, charismatic, and reliable candidate over those that who can deliver the most outrageous antics, stunts, and images.

In order to avoid this mistake, I believe that we should not leave solely to the people the choice of picking the right candidate who will lead our nation.  The PBB incident mirrors this scenario.  People will be entice to decide when it should be people should decide not be entice.  People should be made to understand that they have to make a qualified decision.  People should not make a perceptive decision.

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