Romantic Scene

I remember a teacher of mine way back in college told us that you know that the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with you is the once whom you can imagine to be beside you when you are old.  She further stated that do not marry the person if you find it repulsive when you imagine that person very old.

I suddenly recalled this while I was watching a chinese tele novela.  Nearing its final episode, I saw this very touching and most romantic scene I have ever seen so far.  Be it in the movies or in television, or in real life.

The episode started with the male and the female lead as having a lover’s quarrel.  The guy wanted to leave the girl because of an incurable illness but could not do so.  So he treated the girl to a trip that lead them to sleep together since the motorbike that they rode ran out of gas.

Later in the evening, while they were sleeping, the guy was restless.  He could not sleep.  he was torn between telling her of his predicament or leaving her.  he was not able to do both.  Instead, his wickedness prevailed and played a prank on the girl who was in deep slumber.  He wanted to know how would the girl look like when she is old.

So he took a gray hair dye and applied it to her hair.  He also put some cold cream on her face and plastered some aging material to it. The girl eventually woke up because of the cold sensation she felt in her face.  She ran to the mirror and saw herself quite older.  Naturally, she was aghast and confronted the guy.  The guy explained and they ended up painting each other to make them old.  They then took a picture of themselves to see how lovely they look together even if they are old.

The images of the scene created a smile on my lips.  And, I started to imagine people.  I imagine somebody being old.  It did not bring the desired feeling I wanted.  Instead, I could not imagine.  I detest the thought that people will grow old.  I don’t know how to imagine it.  What I know is at present, I like the way they look.  What the will look like in their twilight is something that I have to deal with when I will be in that stage


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