Puzzle Of Love


The wind blew hard and swift, so strong, it seemed everything on the ground was lifted and flown into the air.  The trees as if with a mind and strength of their own tried to go against the flow of the wind.  Its roots must have grasped strongly, to defeat the wind from uprooting them from the ground.  Even the vehicles are not spared from the strength of the wind.  Drivers have difficulty manuevering them.  Some cars swerved outside of their lanes, some vehicles were slowed down, some were displaced from their parking spot.  Only few people dared to fight the wind, some squatted on the ground hoping the wind would not carry them, others clinged to lamp post, and a few remained standing holding on their strength to go agains the wind.

But not Martin, the strong winds could not weakened him.  He was standing beside the street, looking far and away, as if  in a trance.  His brows nearly crossed other while remaining looking afar.  He stood there unmindful of the heavy wind.  He was not deterred from his position, instead he remain standing as if enjoying a sunshine weather.

His frame was large and hard that the wind could only retreat from where it started.  His hair may have been ruffled by the wind but still he remained motionless.  His body could not be swayed.  His eyes still gazing from afar.  The longer he stared the darker his eyes became.  He was not disturbed, agitated, or bothered, with the objects flying in front of him.  He may not have noticed it in the first place.  His mind was wandering, his thoughts were flying, his soul was searching.

He moved one step forward.  The wind made it difficult for him to carry on few more steps forward.  But, he seemed to ignore it.  He stood for a moment.  Then, he attempted to move forward but a fierce wind pushed him to the ground.  He was surprised.  He glanced around and saw how chaotic his surroundings.  He got up and ran towards the door behind him.  The hall was full of people seeking refuge from the turmoil outside.  He searched among the flood of people.  He recognized no one. Then, he fixed his gaze outside.  His mind was wandering again.


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