My Interpretations of The 2010 Elections

So, finally it has come and passed.  The fever has died down and enthusiasm are now on the victorious and the defeated.  Expect charges and counter charges of fraud will ensue.  Philippines election is abnormal without these post election scenarios.

The results are coming in, not in trickles.  The automated election has lessen the gap time of knowing the winners and the losers.  Previously, it took weeks to really know who made it.  This time less than forty eight hours, a trend is obvious.  This time we can accept the results either ridiculous, surprising, as expected, or whatever.

Glancing from the data, there surprises and expectations fulfilled.  One of the surprises is the number of votes gathered by Legarda.  I expected twice the number she gathered from the election count.  I was surprised with  the neck to neck battle between Binay and Roxas.  I expected Roxas to lead.  I was not only surprised but disappointed as well.  I was surprised that Gordon had a hard time getting a million votes, but I was not surprised Jamby getting less than hundred thousand.  Now I know the flock of Eddie Villanueva is not a powerful bloc.  I am glad he declared that this will be his last attempt at presidency.  May your God bless you.

In totality, the figures that each candidate represents something.  The votes garnered by Teodoro would mean that less than five million Filipinos are not totally unhappy with the administration.  Lest, they embrace Teodoro’s candidacy with open mind and sensibility.

The obvious meaning we can gather from Noynoy’s figure represent the total number of Filipinos who are:  irked with the little woman in power, starstruck voters, kris aquino fans, cory aquino sympathizers, disgusted and disgruntled Filipinos who want change.

We can surmise that there are over four million Filipinos who wanted to dream of being rich.  The dreamers in Villar’s campaign could not lift him to power.  Maybe, the dreamers were disappointed with the behavior of one of his  supporters.  Many Filipinos are afraid to cast their votes with Teodoro because of GMA shadow, thus, they could not accept that Willie will be more humbug should Manny win.  They could not give it to him.

I don’t want to tackle other candidates’s figure.  They are actually nuisance.  Just like in real life a lot of people are just acting like pest and disease.


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