Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Watch Thy Womb

It has been eight years since the last time we saw a Nora Aunor film.  Last yer, she came back home and we were treated with a teleserye “Sa Ngalan Ng Ina.” Admittedly, we watched and we cringed.  Not the kind of comeback we wanted it to  be as a Noranian.  Then,  in the second quarter of this year, we got news that she was doing a movie with Brillante Mendoza.  Even I was surprised that I learned about it the movie was finished and we all know what happens next.

Then came the news that it was a last minute entry in this year’s edition of Metro Manila Film Festival.  We all know that she is the queen in this area judging from the awards that she won.  However, her box office records in this aspect is somewhat inconsistent.  Thus, as a Noranian, we need to do something. Let us spread around the reasons why every Filipino should watch Thy Womb.

1.  It is a Nora Aunor film.  She is a living legend and a National Treasure.

2.  It is directed by Brillante Mendoza.

3.  It is about our Muslim brothers and sisters whom we only know little about their culture and way of life.

4.  We demand quality movie, here it is.  Do the walk and talk.

5.  Let us prove once and for all the Filipinos are really wanting quality in terms of movies.

6.  If you are not a Noranian, all the more reason that you have to watch it, quality movie.

7.  Do not let idiotic movies rule the box office.  If Pnoy wanted a “daang matuwid” the movie goers and the industry also wanted it.

8.  If you can spend quality time with your cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other vices, make yourself worthy by watching this movie and other deserving movies not only during the festival but 24/7.

9.  Set an example to your kids, if you want a balance person in them, then, start with yourself.

10..  Encourage sensible film makers, producers, and performers to produce more world class film.  How can they if you are not watching it.


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