Extreme Ways To Convince People To See “Thy Womb”

  When you read articles about Nora Aunor and the movie “Thy Womb,” you can’t help but view nasty comments such as patronizing a drug addict, living a life from rags to riches to rags, and among other things.  These people did not realize that artistry is beyond a person and all the excess baggage that comes along with the person.  They are just too narrow minded to look beyond and behind certain issues and concern.  So, what do you do with them in order to convince them to  watch “Thy Womb,” during the MMFF 2012 edition? Go to extremes. Here are the extreme suggestions to make them watch. 

1.  They owe you big time make them pay. – Each one of us has friends or family members who owed big time from us.  I think it is time to make them pay for that.  Make them watch the movie to liberate few bucks or favors which they owed from you.  Who knows, they might be a converted Noranian after watching the movie.  

2.  Blackmail them. – Just ensure that it is not documented or recorded.  We all know that some of our friends have skeletons in their closets and what a better way to encourage them to see “Thy Womb’ if you threatened them with being exposed to the public when it comes to their failures and weaknesses.  

3.  Shade and dish (diss whatever the word or spelling you know what I’m referring to) – If you ever encountered some negatives about Nora Aunor, you thought that she is the most evil creature in this planet.  Yet, some of the movie idols around do not have only skeletons in the closets but secrets to be dig in  their craves.  Why not play around with it, can you?  

4.  Make them watch and get elected.  – it is election time once again, why not spend your campaign funds with the movie; that is if you are a Noranian.  Expand your political activities from erection to resurrection up to reflection.  After watching this movie, it is pretty sure that  the individual will acquire new ideas about our Muslim brothers, about women, and pregnancy, and sacrifice; do not forget quality movies.  

  There are still many extreme suggestions for friends and people to watch this movie.  i know some of you have better ideas.  Extreme as it may seem, but it is just for fun.  A Nora Aunor movie especially world class one is just too hard to miss.  Pity those who want to indulge and savor about the negatives and insists on watching idiot movies just because “ayaw nila kunsintihin si Ate Guy.:  Woe to them.  


6 thoughts on “Extreme Ways To Convince People To See “Thy Womb”

  1. wow…great suggestions….these will make all nora aunor’s dectractors and bashers as mad as hell…..and i like it….i want them to suffer big time by making THY WOMB a huge success in the box office….revenge is sweet this time,,,,and it’s payback time!….let’s all watch this award winning movie, THY WOMB….and forget the trashy movies mmff is well known to…..they won’t make you all feel better persons after watching these nonsense movies….

    1. The name is Alden I. Bula, I intentionally did not put my name for the reason that I am quite not so confident with my writing skills.

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