People Of The Year

In 2012 my top PIPOL of the year are the following:
1. My father – his condition right now made me realized that selflessness will eventually overcoem selfishness
2. My high school friends – you know what are the reasons
3. My college friends – you also know what are the reasons
4. My GTC Aldis Family – thank God I Found You
5. My Dealers – bear with me we are still in rough waters 
6. Bus Drivers and Conductors – Thank you for keeping my travels very safe
7. Pilots and Cabin Crew of Cebu Pac, Airphil, and PAL – thank you for making it heavenly for me each I was on the air. 
8. To all the guys I met in my travels – thank you for being a part of my guilty pleasure
9. To all those who bought my products – you just never knew how you save my job hahahhaahaha.
10. To all those who mattered in my life but until now I could not pinpoint who they are – thank you thank you.. Tied with my family and relatives basta you are also one of the Pipol of the year if you believe so.


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