Top Reasons Why Every Vilmanian Should Watch “Thy Womb”

As a fan of certain movie idol, the instinct is often on the attack mode.  This is quite appealing if you are one of those blind followers who stay on the net 24/7.  Thus, you see the same net ID commenting on different websites and forums attacking fans of the rival.  In this case, we are talking of the Nora vs. Vi rivalry.  At this time, every Pinoy knew already who is really number one.  In fact, during the seventies, Ksilap Magazine made a poll “One on One,” which crowned Nora Aunor as number one.  Even then, until now, Vilmanians are still dumbfounded why Ate Guy is always number one.  Thus, with all their might, they follow every “Thy Womb” article and commented every negative words, phrases, and statements that they can create.  They did not realize that they have to see the movie in order to know why.  Here are the reasons.

  1. Performance Level vs Performance Wise – all the more reason that they have to see the movie in order to determine that Vilma Santos is a capable actress performance wise.  Unlike Nora Aunor, she is an actress with a different and totally unique performance level which even Carmen Rosales, Lolita Rodriguez, Jacklyn Jose, Hilda Koronel and other critics’ favorite could not level up.
  2. Real Life vs Reel Life – now, detractors are very quick to point out all the negative issues about Ate Guy; failed love life, drugs, alcohol, maternal issues, professionalism, erratic behavior and so on and so forth.  But, you know what, never in our wildest dream, she blamed anybody.  We have yet to read on her defending herself.  On the other hand, everyone knows all the issues against Ate Vi, but no one was complaining.  It only shows that people of the Republic are really interested with Ate Guy more than Ate Vi.  And the good thing about it, all the travails and misfortune Nora had, she made it positive on her side; excellent dramatic performance sans rival.  Vilmanians should watch the movie to tell their idol, be true to herself; she might pull not only a very convincing performance but a classic performance as well.
  3. Box Office vs Quality – in the movie “Kontrobersyal,” directed by the great Lino Brocka, there was a scene where Charo Santos remarked to her is the box office, give the awards to others.  Now, here is the question, do people remember that Nora was the first box office queen?  Do people know that Sharon and Vi had more box office crown than Nora?  Do people recall that Aiza was the youngest star to be crowned as box office queen?  Yes, people do not remember all of it.  But, people remember “Himala”, people remember “my brother is not a pig”, people remember that Don Johnson was her leading man a long time ago.  Thus, Vilmanian should watch the movie in order for them to realize that even if the movie laid big fat egg at the box office, people will still remember it.
  4. Number of Awards vs Award Winning Performances – the debate is still going who won the most number of best actress awards.  Here’s the question, do people know that Ate Vi had the most number of Famas Awards?  Nope, they don’t, they don’t even remember for what movies she won.  Ask ordinary mortals, you might even be surprised to learn that some people have ideas that she even won acting awards with movies like “Roma Amor, Kung May Gusot, My Lusot, Sapin Sapin Patong Patong, and other obscure movies.  The lesson here is even if Ate Guy had bad performance with “Balot Penoy” only the critics can point out how bad it was.  Thus, they have to see the movie in order to realize that Vilma once acted as a Muslim woman in the movie about the “Cawa Cawa” incident way back in the eighties.  And even Mario Bautista, gave it a thumbs down.  Look it up as Madonna said when she told that Lady Gaga was reductive.

Hear ye hear ye, Vilma Santos fans, watch the movie, you might find something so negative and have a feast blogging about it.

4 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why Every Vilmanian Should Watch “Thy Womb”

  1. okay, am throwing the Nora supporter out ( i can do that and why not?) – for heaven sake i am highly educated (sorry for the arrogance but it’s true)…now, hands down, Nora’s performance in Thy Womb is simply world class- good feel, proud to be Pinoy kind of experience. I saw it in Taiwan and I really felt sooooo good. Thanks for this article- who’s the writer? Anyway, thanks again.

  2. Thy womb.. internationally acclaimed.. word class…Thus, don’t they know that Nora Aunor is incomparable….in anything….

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