It Is Time To Reinvent The Wheel

Few more days and the 2012 edition of Metro Manila Film Festival will come to an end.   There were lots of disappointments prompting some to coin it as “Peste-bal.”  Gone are days when quality movies dominated the festival.  Over the years, controversies continue to hound the event, from box office results to awarding of excellence.  Well, that is part and parcel of any events.  However, when these things continue to happen, the logical thing to do is to reinvent in order to avoid controversies and make people happy.  Here are the ways which the said film festival can regain its glory.

  1. Redefine the purpose – what is the festival really all about?  Is it a showcase of quality Filipino films? Or is it just a platform to earn more money?  We continue to witness dearth of outstanding films.  Instead, what we have annually are inane comedies, unbelievable romantic comedies, and magical powers.  Do not forget movies that terrify people during one of the most glorious season of the year.  With that, it is indeed rational that movies like “Thy Womb” should be entered in CineMalaya.  At least, it competes with its own class.
  2. Do not give awards – there are film festivals around the world that only showcase films from different corners of the earth which do not give awards.  For a time, Toronto Film Festival had this situation early on.  By not giving awards, it will minimize disappointments and controversies.  Thus, if they want to redefine the purpose from showcasing quality films to entertaining films then, awarding of excellence is moot and academic.  You do not reward mediocrity.
  3. If they want to give awards, make it like MTV Movie Awards – people will accept with open arms movie couples winning Best Kiss, Most Horrifying Actor and Actress, Most Stupid Movie Scene, Funniest Movie Scene, Funniest Dialogue, Memorable Scary Movie Line, and so on and so forth.  And no more juries or judges, online voting will suffice, or buy a sponsoring brand and attach the label together with the votes in a mailing envelop. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  4. Rename it as Philippine Entertainment Festival – since movies are shown nationwide since 2002 (you can correct this), it is an anathema to insist by its name as Metro Manila Film Festival.  It will only make people from the provinces aware that Imperial Manila is lording over them even selection of entries for film festival.  With that people are aware that all movies are meant to entertain their shallow sensibilities.  Since it is for entertainment purposes only, make it an open film festival.  Meaning, no more quotas, the more the merrier.
  5. Exempt Festival Movies from CEB Ratings – it is unfair that they are given tax exemptions when all the producers wanted is to earn more money.  It is good if they siphoned a portion of these earnings into producing quality films, but they don’t.  So, what’s the point of giving tax exemptions?  Tax incentives were meant to encourage quality movies not glossy movies.

Do you agree with me?


11 thoughts on “It Is Time To Reinvent The Wheel

    1. already tweeted karen davila on this mas mabuti sa mga journalist mag simula baka ang reaction ng mga pwoers that beh avah at sino na naman itong talipandas na nag mamarunong

      1. Exactly, this pestebal is starting to become a joke now. Sisterakas winning over Thy Womb is preposterous given the statement of MMDA Chairman Tolentino that box office result is no longer a Best Picture criterion. Eh di ipadala sa Venice or Cannes FF ang quality movie na ‘to nina AiAi, Vice Ganda at Kris A.

  1. It thus shows also the quality of Filipino mind. I come to think what has happening to schools and universities in teaching appreciation of arts and literature?

    1. the mere fact that arts and music subjects are no longer present in the elementary curriculum speaks for the kind of citizens our country is trying to develop.

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