Let Us Bring Thy Womb To The Grassroots

 We are all familiar with the old adage that if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, let the mountain go to Mohammed.  For those who wanted to educate Filipinos about quality films and arts appreciation, this is my suggestion.  There are several reasons why majority of the common people do not bother to watch films like Thy Womb.  Most cited reasons are lack of money and they better spend their hard earned money with movies that will make them laugh, cry, and scream.  Igniting the intellect is only for those who can afford it and those who have extra idle time since they have people working for them to earn money.  With scenario, it is therefore imperative that we feed people with films like Thy Womb in order for them to have the privilege of watching excellent films.   Let us not deny them, instead let us bombard them with these kinds of films.  How?

                During the seventies, I remember National Media Production Center,at that time, in our barangay, this government organization conducted film showings.  Thus, I was able to watch Araw Araw Gabi Gabi and Bato Bato Sa Langit.  Those were MMFF films that won Best Picture and 3rd Best Picture in 1975 edition of the festival.  With this in mind, I wondered if we can use the same approach with regard to the movie Thy Womb.  The producer of the movie can hold a movie caravan or provincial tours right at the heart of the common people; the barangay gymnasium or barangay hall.  I am pretty sure that there are many Noranians who are very willing to facilitate this kind of event in every barangay.  How will the producer earn money from this?

                One of the interesting features with concert tours like MDNA of Madonna is selling of merchandise items.  The same can be done with Thy Womb movie tour.  The producer can sell DVD copy of the movie after the screening. Or, sell Thy Womb shirts, scarfs, hanky, cups, mugs, and among others.  Of course, these items should be affordable also. Another probable scenario is to hook with local business entities in conduct sales blitzes for their products and the producer will simply collect a percentage of the earnings from selling various products.  What can we gain from this activity?

                Plenty of benefits but the most important of all is that common people will be exposed not only with quality films, but of course, a lot of them shall be introduced with Nora Aunor.  It cannot be denied that one of the reasons people were not watching Thy Womb is that they are more familiar with Angel, Angelica, Vic, Bong, Ai Ai, Kris, Ganda, and a host of currently popular artist.  It is of great importance that these people should have direct connection with Nora Aunor through film showing at the barangay level. 

                There is no rule that movies should only be shown in theaters.  Isn’t it?  Since it is already graded by CEB then there is no problem with tax issues at LGU level, right?  So, what are waiting for, let us join forces and make this an advocacy; to educate Filipinos to appreciate quality films and art appreciation through films. 


One thought on “Let Us Bring Thy Womb To The Grassroots

  1. it’s not about appreciation of art nmn eh it’s all about un presence n rin ng artista overrated mxado c Nora pero boring nxang umakting….just face the reality nlng na her golden days were gone na….at me new generation na ibang mga preferences na at wag nyo na i-insult kung ano un mga likes nila ngayon. the same thing din na ang intellgence ng isang tao tao is not base solely dun sa pinapanood lng…..paano naman un nanonood ng cartoons? retarded nb un??? common wag kayong assuming n nakapanood lng kayo ng silent type ng movie eh intelligent nkau at art movie n napanood nyo…grabeng DELUSION nmn yan!!!

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