Begin The Year With

Three hundred sixty five days went by, and looking back, I can only managed a sigh.  They year 2012 for me is characterized as wasted.  Yes, there were moment but all of it were not significant.  There were so many things that ought have been or should have been but I ignored those.  It was a year for me which I was not challenged.  It is a “what for” life, why should I when I know that not one of those opportunities will make my life better.  I have a job but it pains me to work since solutions to the problems were not for my hand to grasp.  On the personal level, I feel that I am on a downslide, maybe it has something to with age.  Thus, for this year I have to catch up, not only double time but doubly hard.  Here’s a look at the things I want to achieve this year.

1.  First on the list is of to qualify for the car incentive.  It has been so long since I drive my own vehicle.  I am fully motivated right now after seeing my own colleagues driving their own new Toyota Vios.

2.  Develop and improve my territory, Mindanao as they say as the land of promise, it has huge potential with regard to developing my brand Hyundai Appliances, spreading my Silya Mesa Products, and connecting Goldtech products.  Some dealers might not be supportive of strategies for this year, but I hope to lessen their numbers and move them as dealers who adore me.

4.  Pay my credits, my previous employer had me swimming in debts which until now still paying for it.  The problem lies in me as I abuse some people’s kindness and dilly dally on paying some of them.

5.  Add money to my savings, actually there was little to speak of thus, I want more figures in my bank account.  It is never too late to prepare for the twilight years.  With my writing endeavor on the side and a day job to boot, nothing is impossible.

Those are my bucket list of things to do for this year, and with that I can help my father further with his medication, help my nephews and nieces in their schooling, afford more luxuries, refurbish our house, repair damages on some of my material possessions, and so and so forth.  I started right on New Year’s eve with having P4, 000.00 in my pocket.  The largest I had in wallet since 2005.  Wish me well.


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