And God Is Watching Us: Thy Womb Movie Review

And God Is Watching Us:  Thy Womb Movie Review

                Watching the movie reminds me of Bakit May Pag Ibig Pa (Boyet and Guy Episode).  That movie was ground breaking in a sense that from start to finish there were only two actors seen and one setting seen in the movie.  Thy Womb is ground breaking as the audience were treated with a movie where in he or she is a participant.  Meaning, the moviegoer felt that he or she was just beside or inside in every scene of the movie.  The audience is the camera as such the moviegoer can opt images he would like to see and capture.

                This is how I feel it, Brillante added so many elements that one left wondering, is this necessary?  There were so many scenes which made you think and ponder how come like the couple watching a pawikan laying eggs.  But after watching the movie, you suddenly realized that you are not only the camera of movie, you are actually God.  Yes, the movie was like a visual presentation of what it seems as the powerful Being watching over his dominions and creations; checking if everything else went according to his plans.  And you, at the end of the movie, realized that God is still there despite so many contradictions and errors committed by man. 

                As God, you do not intervene, you let things happen.  This is how natural the movie is, it captures daily life without resorting to hyperboles.  It is like watching around the neighborhood in your veranda sitting in a rocking chair.  And after watching, you tell your family and friends what was went.  As God, you monitor how each creation interacted and made themselves useful.  You can see this in scenes where the  couple sold their motor engine, weaving the mat, the tribe beheading a cow, and kids swimming in the sea for example.  As God you are thankful that despite the ironies and glitches all creations just went on with their life as if nothing happened to them. 

                The movie is like an essay project, the moviegoer lets to choose the purpose of the project.  He can write about by it just describing the scenes that he is fond with, or he can interrogate just like watching Ate Guy staring at the crescent moon with eyes screaming “Why Me?” 


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