The State of Philippine Movies : It Is Not All About Ate Guy

There are two interesting things that came up in the aftermath of MMFF 2012.  One, Filipinos would prefer entertaining movies than quality movies.  In other words, they prefer to laugh, cry, and scream instead of pondering and reflecting on the sights and sounds that they see in a quality movie like Thy Womb.  Second, only a handful Filipinos are very much willing to spend their hard earned money just to watch outstanding films and its performers like Nora Aunor.  In addition, some people believed that Nora is no longer relevant.  It is quite sad that these situations happened and a lot of people are already surrendering that nothing can make a turnaround on these situations.

                Well, I would like to believe that it can still be done.  Let us tackle first the moviegoers.  As one blogger would say, if one serves adobo, menudo, mechado, and tinolang isda, naturally, the tinolang isda will have to scream eat me.  But if one serves tinolang isda on different kinds of fish, people will still eat it.  The same is true with moviegoers.  If inane movies and quality films run side by side, naturally those that will make them entertain get the upperhand.  Now, let us take a look at CineMalay where only quality, independent, and experimental films are served.  The audiences are still not there.  What is really the problem?  The problem is that it is served periodically and entertaining movies are like Vilma Santos, they are for all seasons. 

                Are there solutions, definitely there are and it takes time.  The Filipino audiences need to be fed constantly with award winning movies from brilliant and magnificent directors like Bernal, Brocka, and Brillante for examples.  How do you do it?  As I suggested in my other post, free film showings of these movies in the barangay level.  Local leaders should allot money for this kind of activity.  They can also conduct town hall meetings after watching the movie and discuss similarities in the local setting and brainstorm for ways to improve and manage issues and concerns just like what they saw in the movie.  There are other ways to condition the minds of movie audiences to be more favorable with critically acclaimed films.  The operative word is conditioned or brainwashed, this is the logical thing to do because if you let them manage their own pleasure, no amount of promotion can make award winning movies be entertaining to the local audience. 

                Now let us go Nora Aunor, it is not about her when it comes to quality movies.  Even if these future quality movies are starred with current box office stars, it is still not enough to invite people to watch these movies.  I believed some of you readers can name some of these movies, Ploning, Lagarista, Thelma, these are not your run of the mill movies when compared with the usual stuff Juday, Piolo, Maja, and a host of other current artists did.  The thing is Filipinos should be taught to watch a movie beyond the lead actors.  

                There is nothing wrong with being entertained.  Each one of us have different ways of entertaining ourselves, however, isn’t it wonderful if we can learn to be entertained and at the same ponder and reflect? 


3 thoughts on “The State of Philippine Movies : It Is Not All About Ate Guy

  1. Yes it is about time for moviegoers to wear critical lenses while watching movies. One has to value genuine aestheticism and didacticism. Intelligent a thing to limber up, it is the ultimate purpose of art.

  2. Yes it is really sad realizing that many people of today in the Philippines don’t care about learning and discovering what they don’t know about the place and treasures from arts around them…Most of the people I saw using the internet were just using it to have fun and attentions…some of them feels and think that internet is the place where they can be a celebrity of their own world… I saw many people careless of what they can achieve by learning using the internet,they’re just here for fun…kalandian and feeling artista din…same as what their choice of movies to watch…they dont care about learning…they just go to what is trend just to seek attention,because some of the GAY talks they saw and hear from the movies they saw,when they post it in their timeline,they can draw attention from the people of their kind…I call them “The Attention Seeker”. in tagalog GAP (Gusto Ay Pansin) Why don’t let celebrities be our celebrities..dapat hayaan nalang ang mga artistas(celebs) sa place where they are,and we,us, na dont look like artistahin maging fan nalang!? Yes I knew na those comedy films are well produced(money),but that doesnt mean na pag well produced na movie ay quality movie na…sabagay, we cannot blame our bankable artistas too,kase they knew that their stay in the movie industry is not predictable,so why not grab those trending kind of movies though they knew it is or was a garbage one…money really matters at first. And the makasalanan number one bakit kumikita ang isang comedy na basura at not that good movies , are the TV stations who owns the movie production company…kung magaling ang production sa pagpo-promote ng ihinahain nilang movies,sure win agad sa takilya….I am sure na kung ang Thy Womb ni Miss Aunor ay Star Cinema ang producer…siguradong nagto-top yan sa takilya. Pasalamat nalang ang producer.director and casts of Thy Womb dahil may ilan ding mga taong marunong gumamit ng tama nitong internet kaya kumita kahit paano ang #ThyWomb .

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