Here And There: Hereafter (Poem for Abigail)

A poem I composed for a dear friend.  Valentines Day eh, she was asking for flowers, and I have better idea in mind.

Here And There; Hereafter

The day you were born, love was there.
Days after, love was there and will be there; hopefully
You grew up and love will be there and others were hoping
As you age, love was there, and you feel that it will be there
As you feel love is there, the love will always be there 
but neither here nor there, you can only feel, tell, and sometimes fell
It was there, because you believe that it has to be there
Heartbreak was there but confidence with love is still there
You feel love again and again as your heart beats 
because it will always be there
No amount of discouragement can convinced you that love will not be there
For the love that it is in there is not for one but for everyone.
Got to love, have a love, even if that love cannot be there
But love will be there when hate and prejudice will try to change there from here
You may not want to wait, but love won’t wait, because
It will lead you there, from here to hereafter. 


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