Top Reasons Why I Do Not Believe Kris Aquino Allegations

by Alden I. Bula

There she goes again, the last time she went on national television was less than ten years ago. And, ratings shot up and she had all viewers at the palm of her hands. Like a Pied Piper without the flute, and she had her alleged perpetrator acted like a fish out of water; SCARED. This time around, a new man and a new controversy for her. Less than a decade ago, she wept because of a vaginal disease (some people said it was actually an STD) that she got from that man. There was never an issue of who believed with whom then because, she portrayed herself as the victim.
elsa castillo kris aquino
This time around, a victim she was not but a woman supposedly standing up her rights against herself and her son. She alleged that she was sexuallyassaulted by her ex-husband in front their kid. The husband was not only ten years her junior but a man of quiet words. Although there was an alleged extra marital affair while they were still together, it was patched up and they reconciled but it did took a toll on their marriage thus, the separation and annulment. Days ago, she resigned and I believed that she believed that she shocked the nation. My judgment? I don’t know with them but all I know she is lying this time.

1. If the incident happened last December, how come it took only now for her to complain? There must be other reason why she had to cry a river again on boob tube. Electioneering? Probably, it was also election season when she accused Joey Marquez of giving her STD.

2. Kids do not lie but they can be intimidated. Given the situation that she is a control freak, chances are Bimby was already given the upperhand and was threatened by Kris should the child would side with the father, thus the reason for the trip. She knew that Bimby is as tactless as her and in due time the kid will reveal the opposite of what the mother was telling all about.

3. She is a bitch of her own. This description was already manifested in her while hosting game shows and talk shows. For example, in an episode of Game Ka Na Ba, Kris asked an effeminate male contestant if he is gay. The guy responded that he was not. Then, on with the game, and the question was about Miss Universe whose relevance was thirty years ago. The guy gave a correct a answer and moved on to the next level, and Kris blurted out, “You said you were not gay, how come you know the answer, ONLY GAY PEOPLE CAN RELATE TO BEAUTY PAGEANT questions especially if it happened decades ago.” From this alone, you can tell that Paris Hilton can never be a peer of hers, she is a class of her own when it comes to bitchiness. So, between a quiet man and a bitch, whom will you believe?

4. She already trampled with James Yap’s dignity years ago, and what it makes different then and now. Because she did it successfully the first time, she will do it again and again even if the guy is moving on or has moved on.

5. Please do not accuse ex-husband of being greedy, each one of us has faults, and I believe it is Karma for Kris when it comes to money. In the first place, it is an assault to all people who are more talented and skillful than her yet are still languishing in the celebrity ladder. She does not deserve all the accolades (if you believed she deserved it) and success. She is a product of illusion and delusion thus her frequent ranting on TV. I do not believe her, because one mistake is enough two is just too much.

Now she quit, and she can go to hell for all I care. I hope the earth will devour her, or she will be the next victim of alien abduction, or just disappear through internal combustion.


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