Everything About You

In my hunger and passion with and for you
I forget myself and do everything for you
Thinking that I will always have you
I did not realize that motive was all about you
I took care of everything for you
Even if people around me told me to ignore you
It took two moments with you 
To realize that it was all about you
I was so happy doing things and serving for you
But in the end, there was none for me but it was still you
Starting today, I will focus on myself not with you
And I will swear not for myself but for you. 
And pray that the world is less with jerk like you. 
And I will leave you

Being in love can be a damn thing for everyone. It makes one to lose his or her sanity. It deprives people to take care for themselves. It blocks reasons and defies logic. It makes people as slaves for other people. Each one of us knows the ill effects of love but we are so helpless to deal with it when it invades our hearts and mind. It is funny and ironical that even if love is reciprocated, the possibilities and realities of being abused is always there.


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