Of Friendship And Being A Friend

  Last night, I checked my Facebook account and behold I read a post which I was really disturbed.  A good friend of mine is getting married and by this time the article is done the couple had already made a baby.  I was disturbed in a way that I remembered clearly that both of us made a pledge that when time comes either of us becomes married, we will be there.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there.  There was an invitation but the invitation came in too late.  I was just invited because I reacted and commented on a post that he is getting married.  

   I send my felicitation and he responded telling me that he was not able to invite me due to lack of contacts.  I responded in all caps and told him that I have been a frequent stalker in his Facebook account is that not enough for a contact?.  I am disappointed.  I am hurt.  And  I ponder.  

  Being drunk at that moment, made realization crystal clear.  Yes, it is indeed feels like being stabbed with an ice peak at your most unconscious moment.  But, reality has to set in. Here are some things I realized about friendship and being a friend.

   1.  Reach and I’ll be there, okay did that, but I only realized now that I did reach out but they did not ask for it.  Sad but, that’s how it went.  Thus, I will not reach out anymore unless being told. 

   2.  Act like a friend and you will get a friend.  Well, did it also, but when some truths were opened the friends are gone.  They have nothing to do with you because what you reveal is not up with their frame of mind. 

  3.  I am by your side.  The question is do they want they same.  I tried to be a good friend, a good brother, and even took the role of being a good father.  After all the words of wisdom, I am alone right.  They are having their moments without me.  

  Okay, that’s just the way it is. And I will let it be.  I do not care anymore whether am I good friend or not.  Right now, I will hide, and I will let them discover what kind of friend am I.  



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