Ways To Improve Box-Office Results of Nora Aunor Movies

By : Alden Bula

Truth to tell is that, alibi lang talaga para sa mga Noranians ang mga reasons like artistry and excellence or cinematic triumph. It still boils down to box office. On the other side of the equation, pinapamukha sa mga Noranians na commercially viable pa rin si Vilma Santos as opposed to Ate Guy. The challenge therefore is to prove once and for all na may box office clout pa rin si Nora Aunor. But how? Indeed, it is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, it is always possible.

This writer have already dissected this topic during “Thy Womb” situation. Now that “Ang Kuwento Ni Mabuti” is about to be shown, it is again time to discuss this issue. Paano nga ba ma engganyo ang mga Pinoy to see an art film like this one. Here are my suggestions.

Ipatuloy ang mga efforts na ginawa during “Thy Womb”’s theatrical exhibition such as humingi ng budget sa mga relatives abroad, mag convince ng mga kaibaigan, kamag – anak, kapamily and all sorts of things. I believe it really worked somehow. Kasi, kahit papano may audience din ang mga ganito uri ng pelikula. I am just confused why Brillante cried foul when MMFF committee revealed box office results and to him it was not the real results.

Social media is a powerful network, again, Noranians have to move around and present their case to other people. For me let us not be apologetic for any disasters which some of them were Nora’s doing and undoing. Bagkus, let us present the merits of patronizing quality and artistic films. Let us go beyond Ate Guy, let us encourage them and provoke their sensibilities by asking “kung kayo nakakita ng isang bag at ang laman ay countless lapad, ano ang iyong gagawin?” Tapos sagutin ng watch “Ang Kuwento ni Mabuti” if parehas tayo ng sagot.

In marketing, sales and promotion specifically, if the product itself has negative perception and reception, we go for the FAB; that is features, advantages, and benefits. Siguro, I deviate muna natin ang Nora Aunor factor. Let us tell the story of Mabuti, not about Nora Aunor. Let the audience discover Nora after watching the movie. Let us promote the movie in its total context not of Ate Guy dimension. Kasi nga it is a movie about good and evil not Ate Guy movie.

Use the Lady Gaga strategy; if you haven’t known, she sold her “Born This Way” album by pricing it at 99 cents. Meaning, discount the price, mamudmod ng passes and rebates provided tatlo manood to avail of low price movie tickets. Or better yet, ipalabas sa Araneta via special screening para mas affordable ang tickets. I saw “Thy Womb” sa Gaisano Mall in Davao at ang theatre assignment was at “The Red Carpet” na ang ticket price is P250.00. Haller, di nga makapanood ang mga timawa na fans Ate Guy.

Send tickets instead of cash. This is one failure doon sa mga OFW’s nag padala ng pera para manood ng “Thy Womb.” Hindi nakinabang ang pelikula bagkus, ibang pelikula ang nakinabang and probably clubs, fastfoods, malls, and even motels ang napuntahan ng pera. Kaya, goods instead of cash. I think there should be a team to work on this.

Iyan lang muna, let me think of other ways ha. think of other ways ha.


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