After More Than Forty Years

By:  Alden I. Bula

One of my childhood memories that lingered in mind was about a certain food which was the name I did not know until today.  I was doing some grocery shopping before lunch time, and when I exited my way out of the shopping mall, I saw this woman carrying a particular food which I haven’t tasted since I was five years old.  She was carrying a translucent bag and I asked her to stop because I want to see what was inside the bag.  Seconds after she opened it, memories of me sitting on a pathway eating this round wafer coated with carameled sugar started flooding in.  I remember eating two servings of it.  One round of this wafer is equivalent to the shape of a good for pizza served in fastfood joints.  

I bought four of it.  When I arrived home, I immediately ate one and gave one for my father.  I told him that I was so happy as this food also reminds me of bonding moments with my mother.  At the time when I was still five years old, she would wait for the peddler of this food at our doorstep and bought several pieces for afternoon snacks.  Unfortunately, my mother did not tell me the name of this food.  Each time memories of this food comes into mind, I really hungered for this but lack of knowledge with regard to its name prevented me from indulging.  

You can just imagine my happiness when the female peddler informed me of the name of the food:  Salvaro.  I asked why she told me she didn’t why it name as such.  Anyway, here are pictures of the food that it took me forty years to eat again because I do not know its name.  



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