Compelling Reasons Why Metro Manila Film Festival Should Continue

mmff 38

For several years now and even decades, this annual film festival held every December is dwindling in terms of quality.  Thus, more and more people are demanding for renaming the film festival to really fit the situation.  Over the years, this even has been churning out less desirable films according to discriminating people but not to millions who patronized the films in order to laugh, get scared, teary eyed, and feel good after seeing the movies offered annually.  It is not only people with artistic inclinations demanding that it should fold up.  Even Hollywood is pressuring the government so that they serve their own inane and blockbuster movies to capitalize purchasing power of Filipinos during the holidays.  

Personally, I believe that it should continue based on these reasons. 

1.  If only to thwart American movie invasion.  We should not give this chance for them.  The holidays are all basically Filipino tradition and this festival has become part of the tradition.  We should not give them the privilege to earn more money from us and let our own people amass potential earnings. 

2.  The name of the festival itself did not suggest that it should offer quality movies.  It was fortunate that during the early stage of this even it was able to produce quality and classic movies.  There could be some reasons why. For example, during the seventies, our educational system has arts as one of the subjects.  Literature was still widely thought in the classroom.  Right now, arts and literature is no longer a priority thus, it could explained reason why Filipinos are no longer appreciative of good quality movies.  The economic situation right suggest that people should have relief or escape and the movies shown during the two week period are the right panacea for this situation.  

3.  The Philippines has already several film festivals which caters to quality movies.  Thus, if you want these kind of films then patronize CineMalaya, Cinema One Originals, Sineng Pambansa and among others.  If you want that these events will continue to prosper watch their movies and promote and encourage others to see the films offered so that these movie festivals will continue.  

4.  Let us respect others.  If they want this type of movies, so be it.  To each his own.  Remember that everything is interconnected.  Think of the impact if this film festival will no longer be present and imagine how much economic damage it can bring should this scenario occur.  

So, in the next edition of Metro Manila Film Festival do not expect some films to join the ranks with THY WOMB,Thousands gather for Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 HIMALA, GANITO KAMI NOON PAANO KAYO NGAYON, INSIANG, BRUTAL, MINSAY ISANG GAMU-GAMO, KARNAL, KARMA, KISAPMATA, and among others.  Let us just enjoy and cater our guilty pleasures.  


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