Why Padre de Familya Is A Must See Movie

by:  Alden I. Bula

Noranians are rejoicing as January 2014 has yet to reach end but, it was reported in various social networks that Nora Aunor is already on the move completing two important movies.  One of which is under a working title billed as PADRE DE PAMILYA.  pdfIt is not only Ate Guy’s fans are curious with this movie but other stakeholders of the Filipino movie industry are craning their neck finding out what’s the fuss about this movie.  Right now, it is on shooting mode and must need more activities to generate interest.  So, why do I think that this movie is a must see movie once it will be shown.

  1. It is a Nora Aunor movie.  At this point in time, she is a peer of her own.  Not even her nearest rival comes close when it comes to quality movies. pdf1 Indeed, it is unfair to equate her with box office as she did remarkable achievements when it comes to killing the cash register in cinemas during her heydays.  Right now, she is an ICON.  Just like with religious icons, it is a matter of faith and belief that wish comes true.  In this case, those who desire quality movies, this is their answer.
  2. She is appearing with Coco Martin.  Every Pinoy cinephile knew that Celso Ad Castillo had an unfinished project title “Ang Lalaking Nangarap Na Maging Nora Aunor.”  Hence, there was, there is, and will always there will be the search for a male Nora Aunor.  Lito Lapid was once billed as it.  Unfortunately, he became a senator without achieving one eight of what Nora did when it comes to acting.  Robin Padilla created somehow the same mystique to the point that he wanted to produce a movie starring with the superstar; it did not a materialized.  Coco Martin is considered right now as the male Nora Aunor, and with this movie he might get the coronation to formalize the claim. 
  3. The movie includes indie film luminaries.  As such, if you want these people to continue their being active in the movie industry through indie film, then you should watch this movie.  Let us keep the indie spirit alive watching movies like this.
  4. Rebellion is always part of society and of course growing up.  If you believe that the establishments are producing run of the mill movies which are not worthy of our purchasing power.  This is the kind of movie that will help propagate the idea of unique and quality Filipino film.  One does not need to walk and rally on the streets to prove the point.  The box office figure will tell that Filipinos are fed up with feel good movies from Star Cinema, horror movie from Regal Film and its sister companies, inane comedy films from IT comedians at present, and of course, movies produced by politicians who were once movie stars. 
  5. Let us show support for people who trust Nora and produce films for her.  If we want to continue her legacy and contribute to other movie players, then, do your share.  Patronize the movie pdf3.  Thus, watch it and recommend it. 
  6. The only way to kill mediocrity is to show that quality rules over them.  Walk the talk as the old adage went.  Mother Lily, the Lopezes, and other money hungry producers will not be inspired to produce quality movies if not a soul will be present in movie houses. 
  7. It is produced by Coco Martin.  Let us encourage him to continue producing quality films by making Padre de Pamilya a box office blockbuster.  At the same time, encourage more people to appreciate the artistry of Nora Aunor. 


With all these reasons, it is without a doubt that PADRE DE PAMILYA, is not only a must see movie. It is an event.  But, in order to do so, we must contribute individually as Noranians to make this movie a certified hit (not just a modest hit) so that more movies to come for her for as long as the Pinoy film industry is always alive and kicking.   



6 thoughts on “Why Padre de Familya Is A Must See Movie

  1. its time na para manumbalik ang makatuturang pelikula.di ba nagsasawa ang mga tao sa mga basurang pelikula.nakakalungkot isipin.then nangangarap tayong mapasama sa pilian ng oscar.eh anong pelikula ang padadala natin.yun mga pelikula nina vice at vic sotto.may pelikula si nora na thy womb pero napopolitika ng makikitid ang isip.sana nga magkaisa uli ang ma masususgid na noranians para manood ng padre de pamilya para yun mga ibang producers mainggayong gumawa ng quality movies.

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