Of Tolerance And Facebook

by: Alden Bula

Socialization has taken a huge turn when social media like Facebook has become popular. What was once a face to face affair when it comes to human and personal relationship, now it has become a Facebook to Facebook affair. What was once a personal visit to a friend’s home has now become a stalking matter in different home page of your Facebook friends. What was once a listening affair when it comes to dealing with problems; it has turn into a reading affair with even more communication distractions.

Despite these positive or negative changes, Facebook has certainly brought several improvements when it comes to relationship. Tolerance has become a bigger factor when it comes to maintaining friends in this social network. This value was quite difficult to maintain when you factor the fact that communication and contact prior to internet was rather difficult and tolerance was quite an indulgence then. However, this widespread concept has also taken a different route when it comes to Facebook.

Tolerance has become a selfish affair. It simply means for as long as the text, visual, videos, and images are to your liking there is no problem with it. But, the problem lies when all these attachments and everything posted, linked, and reflected in your wall are not congruent to values, senses, and sensibilities; tolerance is an offensive affair. It can be attributed to selfishness. We can only managed to do away with issues and concerns with regard to what we received and read on our Facebook wall provided we like it. And we are offended, when our FB friends posted something that is detrimental, opposite, and offensive to our personal taste, preferences, and ideologies.

Yet, we do not give space and allowances to others when we post images, videos, and texts to our wall. We cite the matter that Facebook is like our own personal arena to express what we like to convey to others. And, very often we do not care if our posts are offensive to others. Indeed, we are too quick to point out other people’s mistakes when it comes other person’s posts on their wall and it found their way to our FB wall wittingly or unwittingly.

Just think of the quarrels and lost friendship and connections
Facebook has made just because tolerance has become a very personal affair and negate the fact that it includes consideration to other people’s tolerance as well. Don’t you think it is time to evaluate our notion of tolerance when it comes to Facebook matters? Don’t you think that it is time to make adjustments of your own when it comes to matters of tolerance? Don’t you think also that it is time to fade away if you feel that you have lots of excess baggage when it comes to tolerating other people’s agenda with Facebook?


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