The V in Vilma Santos: Top Reasons Why I Like Vilma

by: Alden I. Bula

There is a difference between like and love. It is similar to asking if you can’t or won’t. While this blog has so many articles about Nora, it is a matter of being a fan. This article is all about being objective when it comes to her rival. Vilma Santos, is also an Icon in Philippine movie industry; whether by accident or by her own doing. However, there are just some things which I believe Nora should have and I feel that had she had it, there would have been lesser problems.

In an article with Inquirer, there was about the V in Vilma, and unfortunately, it was the kind of association which is rather forgettable. For me, at this point in time, the V should not be associated with the “tweetums” as the article intended. From that article, I thought I had the inspiration to declare what does “V” stands for Vilma Santos as a Nora Aunor fan. Here are some of those;

• V is for vivacious or vibrant – in all honesty, Nora is a boring subject for an interview. It will take a long time to really extract what she is all about. If you really follow and juxtaposed all her interview you knew that she is inconsistent. For example, when she was asked how come Guy became her nick, she replied about being in Bicol at that time that her friends nicked that name to her because of her boyishness, when in fact it was Inday Badiday who gave her the nick.

• V is versatility – Nora is versatile in her own way; she wouldn’t have been called “Queen of Multi Media” if she is not versatile (hello Kris and Toni, you do not deserved the label; take note label not title). However, Vilma is more versatile in a manner that she made better and more intelligent choices when it comes to personal life. It could be attributed with the fact that Vilma came from a middle class family thus, she was equipped with better advice and wisdom coming from her family and friends. The reality was even more compounded when she hooked up and married with Ralph Recto; she had a conyo to guide her. Nora, on the other hand, had or has innate wisdom, however, it was the kind of wisdom which lack depth at times.

• V is for vibrancy – When you look at both faces, you can easily conclude that Vilma is easy to deal with and Nora has to be activated. As a Noranian, I have always problems with the way Nora carried or carries herself. There is a subconscious motivation to downgrade her image even though we believe that she can really carry her persona very well and even with greater results if only she had initiated to upgrade herself. Vilma was and is still is a good picture off-screen or onscreen, because she is always aware that what you see obviously is very important in the industry. nora

• V is for vitality – Nora Aunor fans would and will always declare that without Nora, Vilma was nowhere to be seen. However, if you looked at it objectively, one can conclude that Vilma was also vital with regard to her popularity. Do you really believe that Ate Guy would reach this kind of stature had Lirio Vital was her rival?” It was not a favour that Esperanza Fabon had short term famed, it was destiny for both Nora and Vilma to compete.

As the title of this article suggested, I like Vilma Santos but I love Nora. While Ate Vi, has more V’s when compared with Ate Guy, it cannot be denied that Nora has the “I,” which is IMPACT. She made Philippine movies vibrant. She changed the rules, she altered the movie queen image, she led the way in terms of artistry, and she is peerless when it comes to achievements.

5 thoughts on “The V in Vilma Santos: Top Reasons Why I Like Vilma

  1. Vilma’s name start with a ” V ” and Nora’s name doesn’t start with an ” I ” , so what’s ” N ” stands for you? for me ” N ” stands for NOTHING because Nora started from Nothing became rich and now she is back to NOTHING resorting to just making indie films that pay NOTHING.

      1. Anywhere you go and any topic of the two, the vilmanians have always the same comments ” Only one word which they always use ” Adik “. Inspite of clearly explaination from the US lawyer of Aunor, they still insist that issue. I can only say, that these vilmanian that repeating that absurd topic and keep commenting the same words, they are the one whose something wrong in their psychological mind.

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