Why Is “You’re My Foreignoy” Amazing For Me

by :  Alden I. Bula

During the seventies, Superstar Show of Nora Aunor had this once a month special “Filipiniana” episode.  When it was time for it, Noranians and even non-fans of Nora Aunor were treated to a spectacle of Pinoy songs and dances.  It was similar to “Aawitan Kita” minus Armida.  This one of a kind marvel from Ate Guy did not escaped the attention of a particular agency (I forgot though which one) and Superstar Show on RPN 9 received a plaque of appreciation due to promotion of Filipino culture.  Cut back to present and Eat Bulaga did a great service to Pinoy culture by creating a contest which calls for foreigners to act like Filipinos.


For me this is even greater than all the other contests combined from the rival station.  Well, Eat Bulaga was indeed a trailblazer when it comes to entertainment contest.  Jericho Rosales and Danilo Barrios would not have been a star had it not been for Mr. Pogi.  Aiza Seguerra and Gladys Reyes (ok, let us include Pauleen Luna) would not be in their position right now had it not been for Miss Philippines.  There were lots of innovative contests coming from this show. 


In one of my waiting moments, I got to see one episode on “You’re My Foreignoy.”  And I was surprised that I enjoyed it better than “That’s My Tomboy.”  And, browsing the internet, it seems that the contest has gained quite a following.  And for me, the amazing reasons millions of people are watching it is quite similar to my own reasons.

  1. Good looking guys – who wouldn’t want to lighten up their TV’s?  OMG, LED TV’s na pala ngayon.  Nothing beats handsomeness to escape some personal problems while watching lunch time shows.
  2. Colonial Mentality – until now, I am still bias towards western éclat.  For us Pinoys, we are very ecstatic to see Amboys and other Caucasians to speak our language, sway to our music, and step on to our dances. 
  3. Funny That Way – and while those guys are making huge mistakes in terms of pronunciation, step mishaps, and even articulating in Tagalog, we laugh at their errors.  I guess, it is our own way of getting back at them and deal with our insecurity and their race superiority.
  4. Revenge and Revenge – in relation to item number, I guess this is our own of revenge.  And, we are really having fun seeing these guys bungle their steps and mispronounce the word.  It is quite a relief to know that these good looking guys have flaws and even more relief when we conclude that they are suffering what our OFW’s suffered assimilating to their respective culture. 
  5. The Medium Is The Message, The Message Is The Medium – a lot of viewers out there do not realize that contestants do not give a damn when the hosts mispronounce their names.  Furthermore, they only correct the host if their names are pronounce oddly but never did they have the nerve to correct Pia and Ryan when their sentences are full of grammars.  Indeed, I am expectant for the day when one of the contestants will bitch the two because they have wrong tenses or subject verb agreement.  I believe that this should be a lesson for all of us Pinoy.  Let us not look down on people who are trying to learn the English language.  The important thing is that you get the message across. 

If only I can see more episodes of this contest, I would have enumerated further reasons.  Nonetheless, I salute the creative team of Eat Bulaga for coming with intelligent and entertaining contest like “You’re My Foreignoy.”


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