Who is Better Nora Aunor Fan or Vilma Santos Fan

by: Alden I. Bula

The answer to this question is quite easy if you have a blog and wrote some articles either for them. Check these statements based on the comments from my blog and you will know who is a better fan. For the purpose of confidentiality, I will not include the name, you will know who they are if you follow or read my blog.

Nora has the “I” which is INGRATA and Illegal Drug User.

Vilma’s name start with a ” V ” and Nora’s name doesn’t start with an ” I ” , so what’s ” N ” stands for you? for me ” N ” stands for NOTHING because Nora started from Nothing became rich and now she is back to NOTHING resorting to just making indie films that pay NOTHING.

I’m happy with Jun Lana’s involvement as writer (especially after “Bwakaw”), but it was the ‘sizzle reel,’ if you may, that took me in–owing it to those two little brown spheres that told many stories unspoken. I’m not the largest partisan of La Aunor–Lord is sure keeping you happy by the mere glory of her existence, me, her presence on the native celluloid–but I’m with you on this one. In short: I’m dayuuuuummm fukkkk excited! Ha-ha.
Oh, there’s Jasmine Curtis too (see: “Transit” and “Puti”). Great blog!

cant wait to see this masterpiece

salama ta naipaliwanag ng mabuti.kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng iba still nora is the one and only superstar and NATIONAL ARTIST,
naiyak naman ako dito… YUNG IBA KASI, MINAMALIIT ANG MGA KONTRIBUSYON NI ATE GUY… yung iba diyan, mag-isip isip nga bago magsalita.

Great article. I hope she gets bestowed National Artist because as you said she saved and will again save the film industry of the Philippines. I’m am so sick of these trashy commercial movies produced by these big film outfits. The public is part to be blamed because they patronize these non-sense movies.

Sa blog ko pa iyan, you can just imagine the difference if you go to different Facebook about the two. My plea to Noranians, let us be mature sa comments natin, Let us not be childlike to the point of posting nye ye yey ye.


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