I Found It! The Lord’s Prayer, Nora Aunor Version

It was several months ago, when I had a discussion over Facebook with fellow Noranians.  We were talking about her songs and early recordings.  I shared with them that her version of “Lord’s Prayer,” was a huge childhood memory of mine.  Until this hour of writing this article, it has and never will be, escaped my mind.  Someone from the group suggested to try on YouTube.  With thousands of Nora Aunor entries, the search can be daunting.  

What is even frustrating was that I typed wrong keywords.  Instead of “Lord’s Prayer” I typed “Our Father” hahahahhah talking of being difficult to change a habit.  And, finally I found it accidentally while randomly clicking on the menu on the right page instead of going to and from main menu.  So, here is the link, hope you will also appreciate her version.  I hope some detractors and bashers will not see her version as blasphemous as it is done uptempo.  




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