Why Nora Will Become A National Artist

By:  Alden I. Bula

I said my piece on why she can’be proclaimed as National Artist.  And this time, I will share the opposite side of the story.  Reasons why she will be proclaimed in the coming days.  The issue for me has escalated into of national importance.  Different sectors of the society have already opened theirs views and were heard.  Definitely, my deduction is that she will be proclaimed. 

  • It is long overdue.  It will take another planetary cycle in order to create a new Nora Aunor.  She is more than unique.  Hers is a story worthy to be retold in many books and journals.  The myths and legends she created mesmerized the entire nation be it on moral dilemma or historic achievements.
  • It gives significant message to common tao that achievements more than personal issues is important.  As Madonna once sad that she breaking rules that she never made.  The moral issues raised against her are not the fundamental basis in order to be proclaimed as National Artist.  We are talking here about achievement, cultural significance, historical contribution, and among others.  She is not after beatification.  
  • It is recognizing the Filipino as a whole.  One of the reasons cited why Nora was extremely popular was that millions of Pinoys can relate to her story.  They can easily identify with her ups and downs.  
  • It will be a great reward for all Noranians and those who fought for the recognition.  Take a bow guys.

Iyong lang ang rason ko.  I believe the three ideas summed what millions of Filipinos who shared their thoughts about Nora’s well deserved recognition.  

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