More Reasons To See Dementia Directed By Perci Intalan: A Picture Adventure In A Blog

By: Alden I. Bula

It is a different kind of movie from what Francis Ford Coppola directed decades ago. And is extremely not comparable with several movies bearing the same title and even then, it is not the horror adventure you wish to see with soft porn movies bearing the same title. There are several reasons why this movie is widely anticipated not only among Noranians but other movie fans, critics, film aficionados, and what have you. Let me enumerate more reasons why (it is so called as more as I have already published months ago reasons to watch this movie; for those who were not able to follow and read it in my blog.)
Picture Number 1
dementia 4
In this picture, you noticed that both Nora and Perci were so chummy. You might be wondering how come considering that this is Perci’s first directorial job and fortunately with the great Nora Aunor as the lead actress. This is not the first time that Nora gambled her reputation and acting services to a first time director. According to Mario O Hara, it was Nora who gave him the chance to direct his first feature film via “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos” and millions of people knew what happened afterwards. Thus, it is with great relief to conclude that this first time collaboration between Nora and Perci will experience the same fate as with that movie of long ago; classic film worth immortalizing in the annals of Philippine Showbiz.
Picture Number 2
dementia 6
Based on this image alone, one can conclude that this movie is worth anticipating. Rarely, we saw movies showing this kind of situation wherein the casts and all of the people involved in the movie are in a planning session. This is a good indication that the whole movie process was carefully planned, prepared, and performed according to the last detail. The finish product might saw some misses but these will be ignored as it will be full of hits rather than misses. You know that every one put and pooled their efforts seriously. And, you will see a movie that will make you proclaim that you wasted not a single centavo watching it.
Picture Number Three
dementia 5
One of the most creative strategies Team Dementia did was creating a sizzle reel for the movie. While the YouTube hits did not make it viral sensation but the video was enough to create a stir and gave a teaser on what to expect in this movie. The teaser alone showed a lot of promise. It can be attributed with the fact that you can never go wrong with Nora Aunor as your team leader but more so if you have young director at the helm complete with fresh ideas and a support team willing to cooperate with the director. From this still alone, you will be enticed to watch the movie even if you are not a Nora Aunor fan.
Picture Number 4
dementia 7
Suspense thrillers, horror films, and mystery movies are always loaded with shrieks, screams, and shouts. It is high time that one should be able to witness a horror film where there hysterics is not the name of the game but real emotions are shown. Not all people have the same reaction when confronted with supernatural phenomena or weird experiences. This movie perhaps will enlighten people about mind disabilities as well as appreciating high quality movies. If you must remember the movie “The Crow” you will know that engaging your mind and your senses do not need screaming intramurals. Or, if have seen “Blow Up” you know that to be afraid does not merit lots of blood splattered all over the screen.
Picture Number 5
dementia 3
What do you see in this picture? You will see contentment, happiness, and fun. You know that this movie is not an exercise in futility as the images reflected. The casts and other people involved in the movie might be stressed out after every shoot but at the end of the day, they realized that they have something worthy to be shown. Let us reward these people by watching the movie and give our full appreciation. Patronizing Dementia directed by Perci Intalan is not only giving a salute to Team Dementia but to the whole Filipino movie industry. Let us appreciate the fact that our movie industry is still alive and kicking while some countries are finding it difficult to sustain their film output. As of last year, statistics have shown that there was a huge growth in terms of output if compared with decade ago.
See you at the movies and enjoy Dementia, Ferdie Lapuz thank you also.
Nota Bene: All images rightfully belong to Perci Intalan, thank you for the permission to post it.


6 thoughts on “More Reasons To See Dementia Directed By Perci Intalan: A Picture Adventure In A Blog

  1. with much anticipation and high hopes for this one worthy movie…you’re right, if it’s Nora Aunor movie, it’s must be good! Congratulations and thank you to the soon to be National Artist for continually giving us art films. God bless!

  2. i hope i’m (still) in the country when the movie opens in theaters. i seldom go to the movie house but i’ll find time to see it there. when is this film showing?

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