Sino Ka Ba As A Noranian

by:  Alden I. Bula

One of the fascinating aspects about movie fans is that gay people are more passionate when compared with straight ones.  Thus, if you happen to be an avid fan of a specific star, chances are you might be labelled as gay or closeted gay.  One of the problems with being a Noranian is that, being one is already an issue.  If you happen to pretend or one of the members of high society, chances you won’t dare be caught as one.  The issue is even more compounded if you are a closet queen and chose to remain as is, you won’t want to have an arrested development.  But, from the looks of it, even if you are still in the closet or a social butterfly (note that even the rich and famous are fond of Nora) or just even a simpleton who is aware that there is Nora Aunor, one thing is sure that you are actually one of her movie characters. 


In “Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit” you have a perfect woman’s movie.  It simply means that the female lead character is the core of the story.  Whether you are a girl, boy, farmer, doctor, or rich or poor, you can empathize what the three generation of Nora characters unveiled in the movie.  The poor among us wished that we have the opportunity to rise above our individual struggle.  The rich would definitely ponder that there is always that possibility that their slaves will eventually overtake them.  It is the kind of character that one can relate regardless of sex, status, religion, or what have you.  As a gay person, you know that you are Magnolia from beginning to end.  All your struggles were immortalized in the movie perfectly.

Flor Contemplacion

I don’t know if you share the same sentiments with me, but when I saw the movie five times, all I can imagine was all about gay people murdered.  For me, her dialogue “I did not kill anybody” was a reference to those who murdered gay people. This one of the best things that you can deduce from an art film starring Nora Aunor, the reflections are endless.  Personally, what I like about the film is that it was reflective of the entire OFW and their families.  How often we hear their relatives and family members complaining that the OFW’s relatives’ remittance that they received were not enough?   And the real reason is that prior to that they were comfortable eating leafy vegetables and when the remittance came in, they adjusted to fast foods and the money sent was never enough.


All gays are “All Mine To Give.” This was the essence of the movie.  Gay people are patient.  They can tolerate for as long as it matters.  But at the end of the day, one can only accept the kind of reality which was not served but discovered.  This is the usual things that can happen; either the gay person is killed or the homo killed that person.  Thus, you heard stories about gay people demanding back what they gave to their boy toys. 

Pacita M

It was a comedy drama.  But what it makes revolting was that Pacita even in dying moments of her daughter, she wanted an escape.  Gay people are like Pacita, patient and just laugh all the things that are negative to us.  We are prone to abuse and in reality we also abused, but at the end of the day, we are at the mercy with those who abuse us.  And we can do nothing about it.  For example, we frequently saw people who robbed us of our money but we can only watched them whether near or far; we cannot complain because no one would believe us.



There are no words to describe better what gay people want to express.  Atsay was a manifestation of what gay people can do when it comes to relationship.  How often do hear about people like us eating spare foods and our current men in our life eating all the meat just because we want their meat.  How homos worked like slaves just to earn money to liberate carnal desires or just want to be felt important.


The problem with gay people is that we want to change someone if not the world.  However, everything else is fiction.  The realities were slapping us but we still insist.  Because, we thought that we can still do something about it.  At the end of day (again), we cannot change someone based on our parameters.  What is even hurting is that, our boys (without us knowing) have longer capes than what we have even in our own imagination.  As an example, we wanted our boys to be educated and refined, and at the end of day we realized that we cannot do, in the same manner their families were not able to extract a good guy from him.


In all honesty, one of the reasons why Himala was endeared to us was that all of us were asking for miracle.  Sometimes, some things happened according to what we prayed and we attributed to it as a miracle. But, in reality, we were just realizing what we promised with our prayers.  Gay people like us, thought there was a miracle but in actuality we worked smart not harder.  Because, we have obligations, we have needs, we want satisfaction, and we have our dreams.  When the dream is realized we attributed it to prayer but, in reality, the prayer was just a mantra to stay focused. 


The ultimate martyr character.  For gay people, I believed that the martyr aspect was not the reason why they are Shaela as a Noranian. All gays are Shaela as a Noranian because we will do anything just to have the elusive fallopian tube.  We would even die for it.  Shaela is like us, we cannot bear children but we can rear other woman’s children.  

These are just for me some important Nora Aunor roles or characters that gay people can relate.  It is subject to argumentation and debate.  Help me expand more ideas.  Anyone? 



3 thoughts on “Sino Ka Ba As A Noranian

    1. I am one with you, Hans. She is brilliant whether in the field of acting or singing. Ang boses nya grabe talaga! She doesn’t need to “scream” or do “birit” to prove that she has a golden voice. Kay Ate Guy talaga ako noon pa man, even in my elementary years. She is the epitome of an ultimate Filipina actress. The honorific nickname “Superstar” perfectly befits only her. My hair stand on end whenever I think about the way she portrays her role in every movie she is in and all the awards and the recognition she has garnered through the years. She is absolutely incomparable. Kudos to her!

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