Gas Cooktop: Why It Will Not Go Extinct And Will Always Be Reliable

by:  Alden I. Bula

It was presumed that electric cooktop and induction cooktop will drive away gas cooktop from the face of the earth.  This is not the case though.  There are still individuals like chefs and cooks for example who are still fond of using gas cooktop.  Apparently, some people are wrong.  It will never die a natural death just like the QWERTY arrangement with typewriter that computer keyboard still follows the same placement.  There are several reasons why this presumption came into being.  One of each is that gas cooktop has a number of flaws that manufacturers developed electric cooktop and induction cooktop.

Why Gas Cooktop

As the term implies, it is a cooktop which uses gas either natural gas or LPG for that matter to generate fire or heat in order to cook food.  A gas cooktop only provide surface cooking but not baking or other method of cooking which requires an oven.  There are several reasons for choosing this kind of cooktop among these reasons are: quick change on temperature by turning the knob clockwise or counter clockwise or by just observing the level of flame in the burner, it does not have emission that causes damage to the environment and it is quite cheaper when compared with the electric type counterpart.

Variations of Gas Cooktop

The most popular variations of gas cooktop are in terms of size.  It is categorized according to its width.  The smallest category are the 12 inch and 15 inch models (usually a one burner cooktop) is not readily available in the market right now and is used primarily as an addition to an already existing larger cooktop either gas, electric, or even induction.  The next category in terms of size 21 and 24 inch gas cooktop (two burners) and which are commonly found in small apartments or houses.  The major size categories are 30 and 36 inches wide cooktop which has generally four burners for 30 inch (although for some expensive ones, it has five burners) and five or six burners for 36 inch models. 

In terms of positioning, it is available as countertop models which is the conventional models which you place on top of a surface and the latest variation which is the built in hob which you sink in the so that it will level the surface which adds character to your working area in the kitchen. 

In terms of materials used, you can choose the standard stainless steel cooktop which comes in different size variations also.  If you want more classy gas cooktop, you can select any model of glass top cooktop which is made of tempered glass.  It means that it can withstand extreme heat and glass will not break into pieces while you are cooking, unless if you want to break it intentionally.

In terms of price, the differences are according to brand, size, and type of materials used.  For example, a single burner gas cooktop may cost the same with a two burner cooktop because the single burner is glass top while the two-burner is stainless steel. 


Cleaning gas cooktop may pose a problem to some but to others it won’t.  How is this so? Conventional gas cooktop is usually countertop thus you have to remove some parts so that you can thoroughly clean the unit.  You have to take out the crown or cast iron, the plate around the burner, and the burner crown to remove oil silts, brush burnt area, and rinse and dry so that dirt and other embedded objects will not be glued seriously and difficult to remove later on. 

For the glass top gas cooktop, you have to wipe it after every cooking.  Note that you have to clean it always especially if there are spilled oil because, once you will not remove it, the next time you cook the oil will heat up and may cause undue damage to glass top.

Why Gas Cooktop Is Still Reliable

If you happen to watch cooking shows on TV, you will observe that cooking masters prefer to use gas cooktop.  First, it is heats the cookware very fast. Second, it is very easy to adjust when you want to lower or increase the temperature to accommodate special kind of cooking method such as simmering, melting, or thawing frozen food.  On top of that, large models (those with four or more burners) have different heating or flame capacity; there is one burner which produces extreme flame and there is one for moderate flame.  Thus, you can perform several types of cooking activities in one setting. 

Gas cooktop is ideal for busy people if they want quick cooking or for households that does so much cooking at the same time, or for people who resist the idea of electric cooktop which they believe are more dangerous than gas cooktop or just want to save on electricity.   





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