Top Secrets On Buying An Electric Cooktop

by:  Alden I. Bula

In simple terms, cooking is using heat over a cooking vessel in order to cook food. Before, there were only three kinds of cooking known to man, direct fire, gas, and electric.  As society progressed direct fire was limited to grilling and roasting and can be found in areas where electricity is not available. The most popular ways right now are using gas and electricity through cooktops, ovens, and ranges.  However, there is another form of cooking which is considered as more high-tech than the other methods.  Induction cooking which is electricity based but relies on electromagnetic field to conduct heat and cook food. 

The Process of Induction Cooking

This type of cooking method works on the idea that electromagnetic fields generate heat to the cooking vessel not electricity.  This is the reason why only the magnetic space is hot and the cooking vessel not the entire body of the induction cooktop.  When a magnetic rich cookware is placed on top of the cooktop, it acts as second conducting element in order to cook food inside the cookware.  The first conducting element is the magnetic field.  When the first and second elements come in contact at the bottom of the cookware, the magnetic field inside of the cookware is distorted thus, generating the necessary to cook food.  .

Reasons Why Used Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have something to offer which other methods of cooking do not have. 

  • Speed – it is faster to cook food with induction cooktop.  You can do it the same with gas or electric cooktop but you have to set the thermostat or knob controls in order to generate faster heat.  However, you can feel the heat generated from gas or electric cooktop that it makes you uncomfortable while cooking.  This situation is absent with induction cooking.  For example, it takes only less than 5 minutes to boil one litre of water as opposed to electric and gas cooktop where usually it will take five minutes just to warm the water.   
  • Savings – while it is true that it has high wattage that will make your electric meter dizzy while turning, because of speed of heating the food, you only take few minutes to cook, boil, or fry the food.  Induction cooktop are considered as better energy efficient cooking appliance than gas and electricity cooktop.  At least 90% percent of heat generated goes inside the cookware, whereas in gas cooktop at least 60 percent of heat are lost and 45 percent with regard to electric cooktop.  With price of electricity and gas constantly rising, the speed of cooking offsets the power that it consumes. 
  • Safety – as mentioned a while ago, gas and electric cooktops create uncomfortable feeling sometimes manifested by sweat due to heat that escapes from it.  And, the whole cooktop is very hot thus; sometimes you accidentally burn your fingers or arms while cooking.  With induction cooking, only the magnetic plate is hot and the surrounding areas are not, so the chance of arms and fingers being burned is quite lower or none at all.  At the same time, other features that enhance safety are child lock protect, auto off when cookware is removed, and it does not conduct electricity when you accidentally touch the cookware, since it uses electromagnetic fields, no gas leaks for you as well. 
  • Simplicity – in terms of cleaning the cooktop, induction cooktop has no linings where residues are stuck and if not removed, it will be embedded in the linings and very difficult to clean.  Moreover, it does not have removable parts that you need to clean also such as under the surface basin plate or around the burner.  Because it is easy to control temperature, one can avoid spilling liquid and oil while cooking.  Another cleaning factor that you should bear in mind is that the magnetic field or burner is not removable and is part of the surface panel, thus, you can just wipe it clean afterwards. 

One Thing To Remember

You have to provide special kind of cookware in order to maximize induction cooktop.  See to it that it is attracted to magnets.  You can perform an easy test, just attach a magnet to the cookware, if it sticks then it is good for your induction cooker. 

The Bottom Line

If you want faster method of cooking food so that you can save time and energy, if you want safer cooking method that is free of gas leaks and electrical conduction, if you want easy cleaning afterwards then, induction cooktop is your answer.  You might find the price quite not easy on the pocket, but the abovementioned ideas will justify why you have to buy right now an induction cooktop.  In addition, if you are starting to build a home for your family and have no firm decision whether to use gas or electricity, start your savings activity with this type of cooktop. 




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