My Thoughts: Why Nora Aunor Was Not Proclaimed

by:  Alden I. Bula

Browsing one of my favourite Facebook pages #Nora Aunor for National Artist: The Real Journey Begins Here, read that Ate Guy was not confirmed as National Artist.  After almost a year of waiting, this is not only a sad news for Noranians all over the world.  This is one of what we call “in your face” insult not only to the artistry of Nora Aunor but with the rest of Philippine culture as well.  We all know that several issues raised against her and quite too many people were not fond of embracing the idea of this diminutive legendary actress of all time as “katangi-tangi” na actress in Philippine Cinema and the whole Pinoy movie industry.  Nonetheless, I already feared for this. 
1.    While it is true that personal issues are not part and parcel when it comes to achievements but the truth is it does matter.  As they say :”you reap what you sow.”  In the same manner that when you have lots of skeletons in your closet and excess baggage at that, people will definitely object due to this.  Kasalanan din Nora, hindi siya nagging ma-alaga sa reputasyon niya.
2.    When you did several actions which were not in conformity with what the industry wanted you to do or they thought it was just not the order of the day, they would look down on your accomplishments.  Perception and hypocrisy still matters to many people out there. At the end of the day, it is not what you achieved but what you behave they thought was not acceptable when in fact, she is not the only one who has several moral issues in the industry.
3.    The movie industry is still a “boys club’ or a gang of  bullies.  They wanted you to be caged in a specific attitude and behaviour that they want and when you go otherwise, you are stoned to death.  Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin matanggap ng iba sa industriya ang kasikatan ni Nora Aunor.  Hindi kaya it is time for Nora to lick ass.  Hahahahaha.
4.    Respect is earned but as Noranian, mukhang tayo lang ang may respeto sa kanya; to be honest about it.  Yes, she gained prominence in the international film festival circuit but it is not tantamount to respect.  Kasalanan din niya bakit, kakarampot lang ang respeto sa kanya, kasi siya mismo ang sumira sa respeto na dapat sa kanya. 
5.    Yes, wala sa pamantayan ang personal background, pero kung susuriin National Artist iyan na award.  Ibig sabihin hindi lang achievement kung hindi ang totality ng pagkatao mo.  It is like recognizing Mother Lily as National Artist as producer of Manila by Night, Sister Stella, Hinugot sa Langit, pero was she considered?  Nope, kasi nga producer din siya ng mga basurang pelikula. 
In time, Nora will get the award hindi lang sa ngayon. At sana, tigilan na niya ang pagkaloka loka niya para lalaong hindi masira nag pangalan niya.  I still love her though, and really disappointed and emotional dahil hindi siya nasali.  One thing I am sure though, magulantang na lang sila sa mga forthcoming achievements niya, at lalong maging kaawa-awa sa paningin ng mga tao si “You know who (plural po ang you).”

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