Signs That Lady Gaga’s Downfall Is Just Around The Corner

by:  Alden I. Bula

It looks like the self-proclaimed “Queen of Pop” is going downhill.  It seems that her 15 minutes of fame is up.  It is not difficult to determine why Lady Gaga is slow becoming irrelevant.  There are several signs which indicate that her fame is no longer the same like what she had two years ago.  Apparently some of the signs were due to her own doing and others were due to reasons she is not in control with.  Yes, she still has millions of Twitter followers and Facebook fans.  Thousands of viewers watch her YouTube channel but it there are other factors that tell a different story with regard to her popularity.

Album Sales

Her “Born This Way” album had a tremendous sales debut selling more than 2 million copies in its first week of release way back then.  Some people pointed out that it could be due to price tag of less than a dollar when the album was released four years ago.  Other industry experts pointed out during this period, she did lots of promotional activities and she was really hot during those times thus, the amazing record that it lodged when the album was released commercially.  However, the same cannot be said with her latest album “Artpop.”  While it debuted at  number 1 at Billboard 200 Album Charts, it sold only more than 200 thousand copies, that is roughly over 10 percent of what her previous album sold in its first week of release.  All the more that the results were not impressive considering that Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry sold more than one hundred copies compared with what she achieved in the first week.  Furthermore, it was rumoured that her record label spent more than$25 million to promote the album yet, the figure was disappointing.

Chart Positions

She already had three number one songs on the Billboard 100 Singles charts and people expected that she will continue to reap more number ones with her latest album.  Sad to say, “Applause” only manage to peak within the top ten area.  More singles were released such as “Do What You Want” and “G.U.Y.”  another sorrowful moment for her;  it performed badly on the charts.  Thus, less than six years in her career, she stalled in achieving more hit records.  Other pop superstars like Rihanna and Katy Perry are still racking up top of the charts hits.  In fact, Ms. Perry had two more number one single from her latest album called “Prism.”  If this is not a sign of downfall, then what do you think it shall be called appropriately.  One thing to remember that social media network streaming are counted as part of determining chart positions.  So, where are her 40 million Twitter followers? What are her tens of millions of Facebook fans are engaging right now?  Factoring the two one can say that she is selling lesser records than she used to be and rely only on media streaming in the internet chart positions.

World Tours

The figures were in and unfortunately for her, she did not figure prominently in Billboard Boxscore charts that monitors concert tours figures.  From the latest statistics, her legion of supporters were declaring that she had sold out shows but when you compare “Artrave Tour” with that of “Born This Way Ball,” significant differences were noticeable.  First, venues have lesser number of audiences.  Her previous tours has an average of more than 15,000 fans and non fans paying to see her and her current tour has an average of only 14,000 people per venue watching her shows.  This alone is an indication that she was not able to capture the interest of some people.  And, if she is not watchful, she might find more decrease in attendance on her future shows.  The latest charts on concert tours showed “One Direction and Justin Timberlake at the top and she just ranked in between 30th-50th places.  It seems that she did not reach her objective of slaying other performers in the charts. 

Social Media

In Billboards Social Media charts, her name is no longer within the top 10 position.  Yet, she claimed that she had more followers on Twitter and more fans on Facebook compared with other popular contemporary artists.  What does this mean?  People are no longer interested with her antics.  She is no longer relevant for them.  Some said that she already exhausted her charm wearing out of this world costumes.  She has become predictable and people are no longer tolerating copied images and declaring it as her own initiatives.  She used to lord over this chart few years ago.  At present, Social 50 Charts at Billboard showed that Justin Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, and Miley Cyrus hold the top three position.  Lady Gaga?  She is at number 18, yet she supposed to rank higher by virtue of releasing a video that is reportedly geared towards promoting rape.

Only time can tell if she will fade into oblivion.  What is undeniable is that signs are showing that her popularity is dwindling and she is in precarious position of achieving it the soonest time possible. 



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